In order to continue betting and promoting the Festival of Tourist Interest in Galicia , Turismo de Galicia has just approved a line of support for an amount of 300,000 euros to eligible all Galician municipalities to organize some of these celebrations during 2016 .

A help line is completed with the agreement signed with Abanca with the same objective and that the financial institution is committed to contributing to the development of the parties of interest by making a financial contribution in respect of collaboration entities public or personal promoters of the holidays.

Being interested in benefiting from this agreement, the organizers must indicate in its application and the financial institution would bring to promote the party an amount of 1,500 euros, which would be required to incorporate in their advertising the corporate distinctive Abanca in a visible and prominent along with the image of Tourism Galicia.

Eligible concepts

The credit line launched by Turismo de Galicia is compatible with other aid for the same purpose and will be approved on a non-competitive basis, so applications received by the deadline will be met following the order of opening, without comparison between them from occurring, and to exhaustion of available credit.

Be considered sufragables concepts bvencionables those directly linked to the support, promotion and dissemination of the parties declared of tourist interest in Galicia, 101 today, and will not be subject to grant the celebrations, in addition to the statement of regional interest, have party with the declaration of national or international interest.

Thus they are considered eligible expenses those related to tourism promotion and dissemination of the party as advertising, billboards, advertisements in different media, and other artistic performances. In the case of gastronomic festivals may be the subject of aid for costs of product acquisition exalted in celebration.

The submission of applications will be forwarded electronically through the standard available on the thirst of the regional government and the deadline will top one month after the day following the publication of the resolution in the form DOG day.

Check out the rules here

Friday February 26th, 2016

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In order to continue betting and promoting the Festival of Tourist Interest in Galicia , Turismo de Galicia has just approved a line of support for an amount […]
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