FestGalicia collects on its website balance reports of the impact generated last year 5 of the 12 festivals that are adhered to the brand

After the great success of the first summer festivals, Resurrection Fest, PortAmérica, Ortigueira… the summer festival rhythm does not stop and in the next days and weeks great events await: Vive Nigrán, Festival Ribeira Sacra, Atlantic Fest, Sinsal, SonRíasBaixas. Many of them are members of the Fest Galicia brand, the brand created by the Xunta which includes twelve festivals, so that we can also learn more about the economic impact, the flow of visitors and the employment that this type of festival can generate.

One of FestGalicia’s objectives is to study the economic return obtained from financed events. The studies carried out by Agadic and USC on the impact of five of the festivals held last year have already been published on the FestGalicia website: PortAmérica, Resurrection, Revenidas, SinSal and Son Rías Baixas, in which relevant data on the economic, communicative and social impact of the event, as well as the profile of the people who attend it, are collected. Just among these five, the sum of the economic impact of all of them add up to almost 12 million euros. However, the festivals are of various kinds, and is that nothing has to do with a Resurrection Fest, which exceeded 100 thousand attendees, with 33 thousand O Son do Camiño or just 1200 Sin Sal, which exceeded half a million euros economic return, according to the report of Fest Galicia. And it is that opposite to the massive festivals of other points of Spain, the Galician model is fixed more in the Sin Sal, Son do Ribeiro or SilFest or Festival Ribeira Sacra, smaller festivals, more comfortable and with much reduced capacity, that allow a better balance between economic benefit and sustainability, social and environmental, that is the challenge to pursue for the Xunta de Galicia in its bet for the calm tourism.

As for the balance sheets published on the website of Fest Galicia, in addition to the economic return also include a profile of attendees, noting that PortAmérica is the festival attended by a greater number of women (62%) and Galician, which is 92% compared to the Resurrection, with only 34% women congregate the majority of its attendees from outside the community, more than 60%. Those under 25 opt for the Son Rías Baixas, 55% of its audience, while Sin Sal is for people over 30, most of them university students, 79%.

Thursday July 18th, 2019

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FestGalicia collects on its website balance reports of the impact generated last year 5 of the 12 festivals that are adhered to the brand After the […]
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