94% have already decided on the destination of their summer trip and six out of ten will spend some very similar holiday days as in previous years.

On average every Spaniard will spend about 719 euros on his summer holidays and about half of them have budgeted about a thousand euros of expenses.

Only a quarter of the Spaniards who plan to travel next summer have already made a reservation. 20% of those who have not yet made their reservations plan to visit a travel agency although 94% have already decided on their travel destination. These are some of the conclusions reached in the study by the National Observatory of Outbound Tourism, ObservaTur, which has just published its first report on the behaviour habits of Spaniards during their holidays. It reveals the main behaviour habits of Spaniards with a view to the next summer holidays.

According to this report, in which 1,011 national travellers have participated, more than half of the travellers already know the destination and the accommodation they will be hiring, among which the hotel is still the favourite type for Spaniards and six out of ten have also decided on the transport and duration of their stays.
In the vast majority of cases, the destination is considered quite or very important to meet the expectations of the trip. Six out of ten travelers expect their summer vacation to be very similar to most vacations. When selecting a destination, only 20% will undertake their’dreamed’ journey previously.

Destination chosen
Among those who do not yet have the destination closed, and are considering various options, 56% are considering an international destination, representing 21% of those who hesitate exclusively between different destinations of this type.

Among those who have decided on a destination, 64% have chosen a national destination, 29% an international one and 7% combine the two types of destinations for their summer holidays. For this same segment, “beach” trips are the most frequent and occupy a leading role at all ages. The second place would be occupied by cultural trips (21%) and the third, “relax” trips (18%).  Couples without children represent the largest group (48%), followed by family groups – parents with children (29%). 22% report traveling with friends. 87% of Spanish travellers already know the month in which they will be travelling.

Most of them, 40%, will do so in August. In second place is July (23%) and the third, September (15%). 85% of travellers will have more than eight days’ holiday, although only 19% of them will have more than 15 days’ holiday. Half the population will enjoy between one week and 12 days.

Just over 700 euros of average expenditure
Spaniards will spend this holiday 719 euros per person on average although 10% have a budget of more than 3000 euros per person and almost 50% will spend a maximum of 1,000 euros.
The aspects of the trip that most concern Spaniards are accommodation, food and transfer to their destination (all of them with an average of more than five points on a scale of 0 to 10).

As for the reservation, 23% of those who have not yet made it believe that they will purchase a package; so far, the packages have been reserved to a greater extent by those over 55 years of age. Among those who have not yet started booking, 43% believe that at least one activity is likely to be booked before the trip.
Although Internet-based recruitment is being considered, 61% would like travel agencies to offer these services. The Internet has been the most widely used means of formalising bookings so far.

Portrait of the national tourist

According to these studies, during the summer of 2018, the number of trips of between three and seven nights and the booking of packages and activities at the destination will increase. This summer the demand for more attractive, different destinations and better accommodation will increase. In half of the agencies, in fact, they already receive this type of request. There are also expectations of growing demands for greater diversity in payment options.

The national beach destinations, in any case, are the ones that will grow the most next summer, according to travel agencies. Andalusia, on the peninsula, and the Canary Islands, on the islands, are the two main engines of the growth expected in national beach destinations. All international destinations will grow, except for adventure travel and theme parks, which would remain stable.
In the international destinations with the best expectations, the engines are the Mediterranean, in the cruise ships; Asia, in long distance and the Italian and French cities in the European capitals.
The demand for insurance will also grow, especially for cancellation insurance.

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