The president of the CTG took part in the Galician Tourism Council, where progress was made in drawing up a Health Safety Plan in the field of tourism and the creation of a working group was announced to design and agree on common lines of action for all promotional activities

Pardal stressed that it is necessary to speed up economic measures to alleviate the situation in which many companies in the Galician tourism sector already find themselves

This morning, the Galician Tourism Cluster participated in an extraordinary meeting of the Galician Tourism Council with the aim of informing the public administration about the situation and specific needs of the Galician tourism sector and to learn about the actions that the Xunta is working on in view of the crisis generated in the sector as a consequence of the coronavirus. In this sense, the president of the Cluster Tourism of Galicia, Cesáreo Pardal, emphasized during the meeting that the CTG is going to cooperate in the elaboration of a Plan of Sanitary Security in the tourist field proposed by the Xunta and that it allows to reinforce the confidence in this sector once the restrictions imposed as consequence of the sanitary crisis of the coronavirus.

In addition, the president of the CTG emphasized that the sector fully supports the need to advance in the design of a plan that contemplates sanitary and hygiene measures adapted to the different activities and that counts with the participation of all the agents involved. Pardal also stressed that “today more than ever public-public cooperation is necessary and that the different administrations should agree to promote a joint promotion plan for Galicia”.

Precisely along these lines, the Regional Minister of Culture and Tourism, Román Rodríguez, who presided over the Council together with the Director of Tourism, Nava Castro, announced the creation of a working group to design and agree on common lines of action for all promotional activities carried out in the field of tourism. The objective of this proposal, he specified, is that the initiatives promoted from the different administrations share some common values, without any of them losing their autonomy.

In this sense, the Regional Minister of Culture and Tourism stressed the need to work from the different entities to promote Galicia as a reliable destination, of quality and excellence, focused on values such as security, tranquillity or sustainability, and promoting attractions such as nature, rural and food and wine.

Planning the exit of restrictions
However, one of the aspects that most concern the tourism sector is the economy and therefore, Cesáreo Pardal wanted to emphasize the situation in which many employers are currently, which have very difficult to continue to hold without income, “it is necessary that all administrations are in the skin of entrepreneurs and self-employed and implement measures to reverse this situation, we need quick and effective measures to respond to the sector. The Minister stressed that the Xunta has already advanced the implementation of a plan to revive the cultural and tourism sector, with an investment of over 25 million euros, which will include promotional activities, direct aid to the sector or the creation of specific products.

However, the Minister of Culture and Tourism requested the involvement of the central government and demanded the implementation of measures that address the particularities of this sector. Among them, he demanded the creation of specific ERTEs for this industry that take into account the seasonality of this activity and the fact that, predictably, this will be one of the last sectors that can operate normally.

He also urged the activation of a specific fund at state level aimed at maintaining and reviving tourism and requested that the government take special account of this activity when the confinement ends, allowing the various agents to organize an orderly return to normal.

Galician Tourism Council
Finally, Pardal highlighted the massive participation of the different sectors and administrations in this extraordinary Galician Tourism Council, a body that includes representatives from the different administrations, the academic world and the tourism sector. Representatives from the four provincial councils were also invited to attend, and the different participants made their contributions to the reactivation of this industry. “This type of table in which we have met for the first time in a long time 27 people put in value the weight of this sector,” he concluded.

Tuesday April 14th, 2020

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The president of the CTG took part in the Galician Tourism Council, where progress was made in drawing up a Health Safety Plan in the field […]
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