The Council of Pontevedra launches a new campaign to promote the revival of tourism in the province under the slogan “SEE” to be developed until the end of the year with an investment of 116 thousand euros

The Council of Pontevedra advanced with “all the cautions” and “much prudence”, the estimates of occupation for this month of July and August, some cautious figures that take into account the exceptional situation of this summer and the fact that the reserves are made more last minute than ever . The data for hotel establishments estimate an average occupancy rate of 33% in July and 40% for the summer as a whole.

By region in July, O Salnés will exceed 38%, with the same percentage in enclaves such as Sanxenxo and 40% in the Grove; the region of Pontevedra will achieve 32% occupancy, with 43% in the capital; O Morrazo will reach 39% and the region of Caldas will exceed 37.5%; In the case of the region of Vigo, the occupation will be 32.4%, with the city of Vigo above 40% and Baiona at 50%; Baixo Miño will exceed 36%; Condado and A Paradanta will be at 25% and Deza and Terra de Montes at 26% in July.

“I want to convey optimism but we must take these data as what they are: very provisional, they are varying from day to day and will depend on many variables including health,” explained the president of the Provincial Council, Carmela Silva. In fact, the reservations are closing between 1 and 2 days before traveling, there are many people who by ertes or reorganization of companies do not yet know their dates of vacation, stays are expected to be longer, and two out of three establishments anticipate that the results may change and even improve towards the second half of July and August.

Hotel occupancy in summer

As for the summer as a whole, the hotel establishments of Salnés will exceed 38%, with an occupation of 43% in the Grove and in Sanxenxo of 40%; in the region of Pontevedra it will be around 44% and in the city 41%; in O Morrazo they will exceed 39%; in the region of Caldas 34.5%; the region of Vigo will have an occupation of 44% being 45% in the city of Vigo and 54% in Baiona; the Baixo Miño 45%; the regions of Condado and A Paradanta will reach 40% and those of Deza and Terra de Montes will exceed 33%.

With respect to rural tourism, similar data to previous years are expected, with an occupancy rate for July of 51.3% and for the summer as a whole of 50%. In July in the Salnés 52%; will reach 75% in the region of Pontevedra; 56% in the Morrazo; will get 44% in the region of Caldas; will exceed 45% in the region of Vigo; 67% in the Bajo Miño and 40% in the Condado, A Paradanta, Deza and Terra de Montes.

In which it respects to the set of the summer, the houses of rural tourism of the Salnés will surpass the 45.5%; they will arrive at 55% in the region of Pontevedra and Morrazo; at 45% in the region of Caldas; they will obtain 40% in Vigo; 57% in the Bajo Miño; they will surpass the 43% in the regions of the County and La Paradanta and will arrive at 40.4% in the Deza and Terra de Montes.

“Come” the new campaign of the County Council to reactivate the tourism 

In the context of these forecasts, the Provincial Council also presented its new audiovisual and promotional campaign to boost the revival of tourism in the province between now and the end of the year. Under the slogan VEN and the hastag “Come to Rías Baixas, Come to Pontevedra Province”, the campaign is directly addressed to the visitors “because the time has come for you to come”, it guarantees them an “absolutely safe” destination, it reminds them that during the crisis “we were taking care of this gift to have an even better province”, and it asks them to “now yes, follow your instinct and enjoy a place and some magic people”.

The new campaign, which gives continuity to “Follow your instinct”, focuses on the safety and beauty of the destination and already has an ambitious promotional plan that will last until the end of the year with an investment of 116,000 euros. It will be aimed at people between 35 and 60 years of age and also at family tourism living in the surroundings of cities or urban areas with more than 50,000 inhabitants. “We want to reach – assured Carmela Silva – 12 million people and capture the public interested in cultural and nature tourism, the most sought after and demanded products by people who are interested in our destination”.

The campaign will run in summer (until 16 August), and in autumn (1 September to 13 December). In the first phase, with an impact on Galicia, the rest of Spain and Portugal, the actions will be aimed at having a presence on social networks, reach media and specialised magazines, as well as on SmartTV, used by more than 10 million Spaniards, on the main platforms. The second phase in the autumn will focus on strategic areas to attract visitors such as Madrid, the Basque Country, Asturias and Castilla la Mancha. In this case, “will be very focused on cultural tourism products and nature and will be made in national media and social networks with initiatives to discover the bridges, when people make small escapes. In both cases, both in summer and autumn, “we will combine according to the media, come with stories, banners, or images with text and reports,” with the aim of “seeking visibility and awareness through these media. In fact, according to the president, the estimated results “are very ambitious, with 20 million ad impressions, 151,400 clicks and 3.4 million views of the vinyl”.

Friday July 10th, 2020

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The Council of Pontevedra launches a new campaign to promote the revival of tourism in the province under the slogan “SEE” to be developed until the […]
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