According to a study, Galicia stands out in the short espacadas for the tourism of chance

Navarre is one of the favourite regions for gastronomic breaks, Aragon is the most reserved destination for visiting theme parks while the Valencian Community stands out for sports and adventures, for example. But what is the traveler looking for who makes a quick getaway to Galicia? The short-stay booking portal Weekendesk highlights that our territory is chosen for its offer of leisure tourism. Together with Catalonia it is the casinos destination par excellence.

According to this map of thematic activities by autonomies, when it comes to choosing a region for a weekend getaway, travellers tend to identify each of them with a specific type of activity and, according to the conclusions of this study, Catalonia and Galicia are the most sought-after destinations for gambling enthusiasts. In the last year, travel bookings linked to gambling have grown by 8%, with the Catalan community being the casino destination in Spain par excellence with 76% of getaway sales with this activity followed by Galicia, which is positioned as one of the favorite regions within leisure tourism with 14% of getaways on this subject, most of the bookings at the casino La Toja.

Other themes
For those who travel with a gastronomic motivation, visiting wineries, taking part in tastings or cheese tastings, Navarre is one of the most demanded destinations for tasting holidays, concentrating 19% of the total reserves of the Spanish territory, followed by Castile and Leon as a culinary destination of great demand, with 18% and La Rioja, destination par excellence of enotourism, which concentrates 10% of the reserves of wine escapes throughout the country.

The theme parks are consolidated as one of the favourite leisure options for both families and couples, and Aragon figures as a benchmark in this type of plan. It brings together the bulk of the reserves (27%), followed by Andalusia (14%), Cantabria with 12% of the reserves and Murcia while the most active prefer to devote more and more their weekend getaways to destinations that offer nature and, above all, adventure. This type of plans maintain a growth of 3.5% and gain ground cycling routes, extreme sports (including winter), golf and water activities. In this alternative, the Valencian Community concentrates 9% of all getaways, followed by Catalonia, Navarre, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, while Madrid concentrates a large part of the choices of those seeking cultural tourism.

Tuesday April 9th, 2019

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According to a study, Galicia stands out in the short espacadas for the tourism of chance Navarre is one of the favourite regions for gastronomic breaks, […]
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