Invigorating the tourism industry in Galicia
Cluster Turismo de Galicia is a group of companies linked by a chain of common value. Their business activities are developed in a specific geographic area, which is Galicia, and around the tourism industry, either as their core business or as a supplementary activity.
Its goal is becoming the Voice of Tourism, providing a backbone for the richness and diversity Galicia has to offer, as well as promoting joint activities aimed to improve the competitiveness, the innovation and the internationalization of this industry. Its final goal is nothing but strengthening the Galicia brand as a strong, unique tourism destination and to put it in the global map.
Who are the members of Cluster Turismo de Galicia?
Currently, CTG, established on December 2013, is made up of 68 members, which encompass the whole chain of value of the tourist sector and are spread through the four Galician provinces. These organizations —either federations, consortiums or provincial and Galician associations— represent 95% of the tourist industry in Galicia, and assemble more than 7.000 companies. This, however, is not a closed organization, as it is open to the admission of new members.
What are the benefits for the partners?
This business cluster is a non-profit organization, which is also aimed to a social target: the representation, defence and dissemination of the common interests of its members. This is achieved through support activities focused both in training and equipment improvement in order to increase competitiveness in the industry and to boost the interaction among the different agents in the chain of value of the tourist industry. This is, all in all, about creating a platform in which common initiatives can come together in order to strengthen the tourism industry in Galicia.
How can I be a part of the Cluster Turismo de Galicia?
Applications, enclosing the required documents, will be sent to the registered office stated in the articles of the association and addressed to the attention of the Secretary of CTG, who will make sure the applicant meets al the requirements to be accepted as a full member, that is: it is a full legal person based in Galicia whose business activity belongs to any of the links of the chain of value of the tourist industry in Galicia; either as a service or product provider or as a user of processes related to this industry who shares an interest in the development of the goals of CTG. Small business, that is, those with 50 employees or less, or a turnover below 10 million Euros, will be integrated in CTG as members of industry associations.
Once the application and accompanying documents are duly received, the Secretary will classify the applicant in one of the partner categories and present the application to the Managing Board at the first regular meeting for its provisional admission. Then, during the first General Assembly the provissional admissions will be voted into full memberships.
Which is the chain of value that adjusts it?

What are the competitive advantages of clustering for the industry?
CTG emerged as an essential tool for the adaptation of tourism in Galicia to a globalized and demanding market in current times. As such, it will allow the positioning of Galicia as a destination in an efficient way at a global level
In Galicia, tourism is a fragmented industry in which the business model is partially fatigued and the concurrence is strong. Hence, the creation of CTG offers the sector a body with the ability to sustain a relationship with the whole economic fabric, as well as a valid representative to deal with the Public Administration, thus promoting the cooperation between the public and the private sectors and providing funding alternatives for the industry that are not available for the rest of associations or federations due to their local nature.
CTG is also a economically self-sustaining business association which has become a meeting point for the industry, as well as an enabler for the exchange of information and experiences that may be of use for all the agents involved. It has also brought the different interests of the multiple associations composed by the tourist services, equipments and companies, as well as the professionals working for them, together in a single institution.
Strengths of Cluster Turismo de Galicia:
Ability to innovate.
Improvement of the image of Galicia as a tourist destination.
Improvement of the ability to innovate of member companies.
Influence in the policies affecting the industry.
Strengthening of the key competences for member companies.
Identification of new association proposals and opportunities.
Bolstering of joint training of human resources.
Enabling of access to public funding.
Enabling of the definition of joint promotion activities, especially for international promotion
Communication of a professional image of the industry
What are the activities developed by the Cluster Turismo Galicia?
Since its establishment, CTG has developed an important task of member recruitment and has been present in the main meeting points of the industry, such as Fitur, Almorzar, Forum Gastronómico, EIBTM at a national level, as well as internationally, with its participation in London’s World Travel Market through a business delegation. It has also signed partnership agreements with Turismo de Galicia to foster the associative movement, and has played an active role in the implementation of the Integral Plan for Galician Tourism. CTG has also taken the management of the certification, monitoring and upgrading of the relevant UNE regulations with the aim of obtaining and/or maintaining the Q brand for Tourist Excellence granted by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE).
What is potential of tourist industry in Galicia?
The tourist industry is one of the cornerstones of Galician economy. According to the last IMPACTUR report, the economic activity generated by tourism in Galicia adds up more than six million Euros, which represents a 10.6% of the IGP, and an 11.5% of the jobs. These numbers make tourism one of the boosting industries in our region and one of the few sectors creating jobs in Galicia. It is also a sector characterized by its transversality, which calls for an institution to organise and systematise its chain of value and to promote the improvement of quality, professionalism and the offer in the sector.


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