Will have a restaurant run by the main Gastronomic Club of this country and will be present in all the actions of the fair

Panama will be the guest country in the next edition of Xantar, International Salon of Gastronomic Tourism, to be held in Expourense in Galicia, Spain, between February 1 and 5, 2017, with a booth from which to promote the tourist destination and Will announce its offer in different segments. The presence of Panama in this world event aims to position itself as a “cosmopolitan and sustainable destination, combining tradition and modernity” and awaken the interest of Europeans to enjoy its attractions.

Panama will have its own restaurant within the lounge that will be led by the Gastronomic Club of Panama, a non-profit association that aims to teach the Panamanian and international community the virtues of the art of gastronomy. The Panamanian delegation that travels to Xantar will also participate in the professional actions of the fair such as live shoowcooking, or the conferences included in the 12th International Meeting on Sustainable and Healthy Gastronomy. In addition, commented tastings of selected products will be organized.

Panama thus joins the list of invited countries in Xantar, reinforcing the international character of the fair and its link with Latin America. Previously, Costa Rica, Cuba, Peru, France, Argentina, Portugal and Mexico participated as guests. This participation is materialized through the invitation made by this international fair of Gastronomic Tourism, endorsed by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness of Spain, to the Tourism Authority of Panama.

Links between Panama and Galicia
The election of this country as a guest, for the edition in which Xantar reaches his majority, will again contribute to strengthening the commercial and affective ties between Panama and Galicia, united through emigration. In the twentieth century, Panama absorbed a large part of the Galician diaspora that chose to set sail for this Republic. Its objective: to participate in the construction of a large canal linking the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic and which is currently one of the great engineering works worldwide. At present, the residents of Boborás and their descendants represent the largest community of all Spanish residents in the Isthmus.

Monday January 9th, 2017

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