Tourism in Galicia and the Galician wine routes present a promotional campaign “Reencontros cos 5 sentidos” (Meeting with the 5 senses)

Tourism in Galicia and the Galician wine routes present a promotional campaign “Reencontros cos 5 sentidos” (Meeting with the 5 senses)

At the same event, the importance of the marketing platform of the offer of the five routes that have also been promoted within the framework of an agreement signed by the routes with the Xunta for an amount of 230,000 euros

The first vice-president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, and the Councillor for the Rural Environment, José González, attended the presentation in the Cidade da Cultura of the campaign to promote wine tourism in local tourism, with which to publicise the tourist experiences linked to the Wine Routes.

In the event, which was also attended by the Director of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro, was also presented a marketing platform from which will be offered online reservations to participate in these experiences.

The Xunta is allocating 134,000 euros to this promotional campaign and around 25,000 euros to the launch of the marketing platform. Both initiatives are part of the agreement between the Galician Government and the Associations of the Wine Routes, which has a budget of 230,000 euros, and which in turn is part of the Galicia Safe Destination program of the Reactivation Plan for the cultural and artistic sectors.

Through this agreement, the Xunta also supports the Wine Routes in the application of prevention measures and the necessary protocols to face the covid-19.

The First Vice-President of the Xunta highlighted that wine tourism is a key element in the de-seasonalization of Galician tourism with personalized experiences that allow people to discover the Galician hinterland under the umbrella brand Enoturismo Galicia, protected by the regional administration.

He also pointed out that this is one of the tourism products that helps to differentiate the offer of our community and promote Galicia as a reliable and quality destination, under the Galicia Safe Destination program, to which the Xunta allocates 8 million euros and which is included in the Reactivation Plan of the sector, which has an investment of 58 million euros.

In this line, he stressed that the image of safe destination contributed to the community to resist better than other communities the summer season and that proposals such as wine tourism will help to continue on that good path in the coming months.

For his part, the Regional Minister for the Rural Environment, José González, stressed that “wine is the main dynamic element of the territories that make up our designations of origin” and highlighted the quality of Galician wines, which makes them, he said, “great ambassadors” of our land and generates synergies with other areas, such as tourism.