Galicia is among the 10 most sought after destinations in 2018 by Spanish travellers.
1 out of every 3 travellers has looked for houses to stay during their holidays and 30%, accommodation with swimming pool.

National tourism continues to have a great weight in the Spanish tourism sector as a whole, especially in destinations such as Galicia, where this segment continues to be a determining factor in the final balance of annual tourism, despite the great advances made in internationalisation. According to INE data analysed by HomeToGo, the online search platform for holiday accommodation that brings together a total of 22,139 establishments from 48 different suppliers in Spain, the majority of these trips took place within the national territory, with Madrid, Cadiz and Valencia being the most sought-after destinations last year by Spanish travellers.

In this analysis of trends, Galicia ranks as the tenth most sought after destination by Spanish tourists and the second cheapest place to stay, with an average of 70 € / night. For this destination, houses have been the preferred accommodation for 30% of travelers, followed by rural houses (27%) and apartments (16%).
The swimming pool has been, as expected, one of the most popular filters among Spanish tourists. Specifically, one in three tourists (30%) has sought holiday accommodation with a swimming pool. In addition, the results show that Spaniards like to travel with their pets, so much so that 28% of users sought accommodation suitable for pets. As for the way to travel, Spanish tourists who travel to Galicia do so in groups of 4 people for a total of 7 days.

How is the profile of tourists in the Galician provinces?
A Coruña is the province where Spanish tourists travel for a greater number of days (8 days) and have a higher average budget (75 €/night). On the contrary, travellers who chose Ourense do so for a total of 4 days and spend an average of 67 €/night, a budget very similar to that of tourists travelling to Pontevedra (69 €/night) although the stay is longer (7.8 days). Lugo stands out for being the province where travellers have the lowest average budget (47 €/night).
The most popular type of accommodation and the most demanded services are very similar for the four provinces. Rural houses and houses are the favorite accommodations for most travelers, except in La Coruña where apartments have been the most sought after. The swimming pool and the accommodations that admit pets are the most used filters in the four provinces.

HomeToGo has analysed the travel trends of Spanish and European tourists in 2018. In order to obtain information on how, where and how much Spaniards have travelled, all the searches carried out on HomeToGo.es between 01.01.18 and 31.12.18 have been analysed, allowing its users to compare the offers of well-known tourist portals such as Booking, HomeAway or TripAdvisor. When defining the profile of the Spanish tourist, the average prices of the most sought-after accommodations, the average number of overnight stays and the number of people travelled with in 2018 were taken into account.
Hundreds of thousands of user searches from Spain, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria and Switzerland have been taken into account to collect data on European travellers. HometoGo is a German parent company but currently has more than 150 employees is present in 13 European countries as well as in Russia, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and the United States.

Wednesday February 13th, 2019

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Galicia is among the 10 most sought after destinations in 2018 by Spanish travellers. 1 out of every 3 travellers has looked for houses to stay […]
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