Pontevedra will once again host, from 13 to 15 September, a new edition of Cantos na Maré, the international lusophony festival that this year once again bets on the exploration of the Galician language as a line of connection between Galicia and lusophony, while also promoting gastronomy, oral narration and dance, and adding stages at the Pontevedra Museum, the Teatro Principal and Plaza de la Cantera.

With this edition Cantos na Maré reaches its 15th anniversary and does so with the double support of the Xunta, through the Agencia Gallega de las Industrias Culturales (Agadic) to professional music festivals but also through the Consellería de Cultura e Turismo by joining the brand Fest Galicia, which is promoting the Galician territory as a musical destination with criteria of quality, sustainability and social responsibility. Cantos na Maré thus becomes, together with Caudal Fest de Lugo, one of the new incorporations of the second season of FEST Galicia, in which 12 festivals from the four provinces are integrated.

With the incorporation of Fest Galicia, Cantos na Maré will also include among its objectives the promotion of the use of the Galician language, the importance of adopting eco-conscious behaviour – encouraging the use of public and shared transport, consumption of local, ecological and fair trade food products, and optimising the use of water and energy, reducing electricity consumption and promoting the use of alternative energies – and raising awareness and fighting against machista attitudes and/or aggressions through the AgresiónOff campaign: I say no to sexual violence from the General Secretariat for Equality, in which the Decalogue against sexual violence will be disseminated: ten things you need to know to inform about how to act in case of aggressions, while installing totems with the messages of the campaign while giving a clear boost to the incorporation of a greater number of women to the festival program, among which will be the Cape Verdean Mayra Andrade or the collective proposal Entangled with Uxía, Martirio, Carmen Paris and Ugía Pedreira.

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Wednesday September 4th, 2019

New edition of Cantos na Maré, this time under the umbrella of the brand Fest Galicia

Pontevedra will once again host, from 13 to 15 September, a new edition of Cantos na Maré, the international lusophony festival that this year once again […]
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Convencion ASTA

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The BNG and Hostelería Compostela present an initiative for the promotion of Galician wines with denomination of origin in Santiago.

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