With the aim of adding value to the city and the province as a destination of well-being, Termatalia, in collaboration with Ourense City Council, has promoted the celebration in the City of Burgas of the Global Wellness Day with a Which brought together various institutional, business and social representatives at the As Burgas Pool in the city.
Ourense celebrates this day to promote itself as a healthy destination, a concept that goes beyond its thermal potential and which also includes its natural resources and a quality gastronomy with many “kilometer zero” products produced, processed and marketed in the province.
Termatalia, International Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Well-being, on the other hand, counts on an international strategic network that includes many of the entities that promote the tourism of health at world-wide level and among these is also the “Global Wellness Day “, as one of the objectives of Termatalia is to promote a healthy lifestyle and quality tourism respectful of the environment.

Global Wellness Day
World Welfare Day is an event that transcends borders, is celebrated globally on the second Saturday of each month of June, now more than 74 countries already have an active participation. The end of this day of reflection is to promote well-being (Wellness) and to promote a healthy lifestyle. This initiative seeks to create social awareness about the consequences and importance of prevention and well-being in people’s health.
The first celebration took place in Turkey in 2012 and what was born as a small local event in just five years has become a celebration of global magnitude. Its objective: To create social awareness to promote well-being and a healthier lifestyle. Today more than 600 sites spread across seven continents have already reached more than 100 million people. And the movement continues to grow.
The activities promoted by this celebration are: to walk an hour a day, to lead a life respectful with the Environment, to drink a lot of water, to elaborate a daily menu healthy and with fresh and local products, to spend time with the family and to sleep a minimum of eight hours.

Monday June 12th, 2017

Termatalia and the Concello take to Ourense the celebration of the Global Wellness Day

With the aim of adding value to the city and the province as a destination of well-being, Termatalia, in collaboration with Ourense City Council, has promoted […]
Thursday June 8th, 2017

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Tuesday June 6th, 2017

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Tuesday June 6th, 2017

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