The event was aimed at the professional sector related to tourism, sports to hospitality and the sea installed in the territory of action of the GALP Sustainable Coast.

The Factory of Sel and Museum do Mar de Muros hosted a professional day dedicated to highlighting success stories related to Active and experiential Tourism exportable to the territory covered by the Sustainable Coastal Galp, which includes the municipalities of Fisterra, Cee, Corcubión, Dumbría, Carnota, Muros, Outes, Noia and Porto do Son.

The conference’s programme, aimed at the professional sector of the area linked to tourism and sport, allowed participants to learn about successful cases located in other parts of the Spanish geography and directly related to the use of natural resources, sport and the sea in a field of sustainability and responsible tourism. Thus, the meeting served to learn about the experience of the head of the technical office of Prepyr365, Javier García, who spoke about the public-private collaboration model of active tourism in the Prepyrenean area of Aragon. Xabier Fuertes, for his part, as the owner of TROKA ABENTURA, spoke of his experience in this Basque company that knew how to interpret the traditional sports of his region in a tourist way and create a new and innovative business model mixing several elements of the identity of the territory: tradition, sport and nature.

Luis Cayón, manager of the Tourist Competitiveness Plan for Surfing in Ribamontán al Mar and pioneer in promoting Spain as a tourist destination of Surfing Tourism in Spain, which has allowed him to make an important investment that today results in 344 direct jobs and 12.1 million Euros per year in Cantabria and Sonia Cruz Ibarra that talked about his company Turismo Marinero and how he manages to be conformed as the link between the company and the community. Hereunder

The final objective, in addition to encouraging entrepreneurs to start this commitment to active and sustainable tourism, is also to improve the competitiveness of the business sector and seek alternative news of exploitation reproducible in the territory to position the territory as a destination of nature and sport and create a meeting point for the sector of active tourism that strengthens it.

Tuesday February 13th, 2018

The Galp Sustainable Coast celebrates a conference on active and experiential tourism as a source of economic diversification

The event was aimed at the professional sector related to tourism, sports to hospitality and the sea installed in the territory of action of the GALP […]
Monday February 12th, 2018

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