Four institutions, Ourense Provincial Council, the Regulatory Council, the Ribeiro Wine Route and Geodestino have launched a campaign with the main objective of promoting the territory and its resources, revitalising a historic wine region and boosting it as an enotourist destination. In order to achieve this, the territory, the landscape, the cultural architectural resources and others such as thermalism will be put into value, using Ribeiro wine and the richness of its history as guiding threads through the campaign “The Wine Road. Ruta do Viño do Ribeiro” campaign, which throughout 2019 will develop different actions with the aim of promoting the Ribeiro territory as an enotourist destination.

According to the president of the Ribeiro Wine Route, Juan Manuel Casares, other challenges are “to awaken the memory of Galicia regarding the Ribeiro, a territory and a wine that for centuries were one of the economic motors of our land, and to value a rich material and immaterial heritage that at some point should be vindicated. At the same time, he points out that “we want a person who drinks a Ribeiro to know that he is not only consuming a high quality product, but that he is also tasting centuries of history and traditions; the fruit of a landscape modelled through the centuries”.

A historical collaboration

During 2018, cooperation networks were created between the Ribeiro Wine Route and the Ribeiro-Carballiño Geodestino promoting tourism in this territory. Activities such as the Viño Bus were launched from June to September and a reverse mission was also carried out with specialised Galician media in November.

According to Francisco José Fernández Pérez, president of Geodestino, “The success achieved in these actions encouraged us to go a little further and consider cooperation with more entities. Thus, for the first time in Ribeiro’s history, four entities with common objectives and interests (Diputación, Consejo Regulador, Ruta del vino and Geodestino) establish a joint strategy and launch an ambitious plan of activities to develop it.

Activities planned for 2019

In this context, the activities to be carried out in 2019 will take the form of a promotional campaign on social networks supported by the publication of brochures and videos of the Ribeiro Wine Route. There will be a presentation in Santiago de Compostela of the Ribeiro Wine Route, El Camino del Viño, in the symbolic Puerta de Mazarelos, historical place of entry of the product to the Galician metropolis. An inverse mission of specialized journalists and writers of Spanish scope will give a national dimension to the strategy and some historical days on the Culture of the Wine in collaboration with AMECHIR (Association of Friends of the Ethnological Museum and of the Historical Set of Ribadavia) will try to establish the historical and cultural pillars of the Ribeiro. Last but not least, the Ribeiro Wine Route Association will also hold, in June, the 8th edition of the Open Doors Day of the Galician Wine Routes promoted by the Galician Tourism Agency.

Tuesday March 26th, 2019

Ribeiro is promoting the territory with the campaign “El Camino del Vino. Ribeiro Wine Route”

Four institutions, Ourense Provincial Council, the Regulatory Council, the Ribeiro Wine Route and Geodestino have launched a campaign with the main objective of promoting the territory […]
Monday March 25th, 2019

The award of the 282 Q for Quality places Galicia as the second territory with the highest number of these distinctions and the first in Green Spain.

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Wednesday March 20th, 2019

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Tuesday March 19th, 2019

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