The entity that brings together 95% of the Galician tourism sector took stock of its first 5 years of trajectory today in Fitur

The work space of the Galician stand at the Madrid International Tourism Fair has received more than 300 meetings in the three days dedicated to the professional sector.

Profitability, sustainability and quality to consolidate the progress made in these first five years of the life of the Galician Tourism Cluster. This is how the president of the entity, Cesáreo Pardal, expressed the main challenges with which the Cluster addresses the coming years, in the presentation held this morning at the stand of Galicia in Fitur under the title “Five years of public-private collaboration”, with which the Galician Tourism Cluster took stock of trajectory and focused on future objectives.

Some objectives among which the president of the entity placed special emphasis on the need to continue working on the specialization of tourism products and the internationalization of destination, consolidating markets such as the British or German while beginning to work in new markets in a horizon of ten years as may be the Japanese or Chinese. But if there were two ideas that went transversally throughout the speech of Cesáreo Pardal these were sustainability and quality, as two pivots around which revolves the future of the Galician tourism sector.

As a sector, he said, “we have a firm commitment to the environment, betting on social, economic and environmental sustainability, which involves the sector and the local population to achieve a balance between the development of the tourism product and the conservation of resources.

Meeting space
In addition to this presentation, the Galician Tourism Cluster managed during these days more than 300 professional meetings in the 13 working tables managed in the space annexed to the area of presentations, a slightly lower number than last year, a decrease that is largely due to a greater stabilization of demand by the tour operator and that some of the companies that usually used this workspace now have their own stand at the fair.

As for the profile, there has been a significant increase in interest in specialised products and agencies such as active and sports tourism, as well as new technologies and the media, which have shown a wide interest in Galicia at this fair, the first professional event of the year. For the work space of the stand of Galicia, have passed mostly national professionals but also English, Latin American or Japanese, among others. A large number of presentations were also given by public administrations and destinations such as A Coruña, Santiago, Mondoñedo, Viveiro and Pontevedra.


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