A seguridade, a transformación dixital e o medio ambiente son os retos para a recuperación do turismo

The configuration of a safe, intelligent and sustainable destination from the environmental point of view will be the keys to the development of tourism in Galicia after the pandemic, according to the president of the Galician Tourism Cluster, Cesáreo Pardal, highlighted today in Vigo.
The Cluster presented this morning with the teams from the “streaming” set of the Mar de Vigo Auditorium the Fevir Galicia tool, which allows the development of fairs and events in a virtual reality environment. The first vice-president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alfonso Rueda; the director of the Galician Tourism Agency, Nava Castro and the territorial delegate of the Xunta, Marta Fernández Tapias.
Cesáreo Pardal highlighted that smart tourism, the challenges of sustainability and adaptation to the new reality after the pandemic will be three of the main axes of the Galicia Safe Destination 2021-2023 Master Plan, prepared by the Cluster together with the Xunta, the three Galician universities and industry.
In this sense, he recalled that the Xunta is already working on projects to put BigData at the service of tourism through a technology that will allow visitors to know better and will help in promotion and communication.
In the same context of digital transformation is Fevir Galicia, a virtual reality tool that simulates the environment of a fairground and allows visiting stands, participating in presentations or holding meetings and meetings.
As Cesáreo Pardal pointed out, “the virtual format for holding professional meetings or encounters has come to stay”, adding that “a tool like Fevir Galicia is and will be essential in new business contexts”. He added that “this tool is also the result of the collaboration scheme that is part of the essence of the Cluster.” In the same collaboration scheme, he cited other initiatives, such as the We are in Galicia tourist voucher, which the Xunta has launched at the initiative of the Cluster and with the participation of the entire industry.
Fevir Galicia is a tool that provides an immersive experience, in which visitors can move freely through a personalized space and interact with other users. It can be accessed from a computer or from any mobile device. It has meeting spaces, an exhibition area with stands and an auditorium for lectures, conferences or presentations. Users can arrange meetings or presentations of products or services, even through videoconferencing without leaving the tool.
These characteristics make it a unique application in Spain, according to Javier Davila, who made the technical presentation on behalf of the team of developers of the company Këndra Realidades Alternativas.

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A seguridade, a transformación dixital e o medio ambiente son os retos para a recuperación do turismo The configuration of a safe, intelligent and sustainable destination […]
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