The Caldaria-Laias Spa in Cenlle will host the day, which will be held on June 29

With three conference and one panel discussion, the meeting has already the open deadline

In order to hold a meeting point between all the agents of the sector involved in active tourism, the Baldario Caldaria-Laias, in Cenlle, is the place chosen to hold a conference on competitiveness, promotion and Commercialization of active tourism in Galicia. Under the title “New Action Tourism in Galicia”, the meeting will take place next June 29 in the morning and is promoted by the Clúster Turismo de Galicia, with the collaboration of Turismo de Galicia.

In addition, and developing in Ourense and a spa, the day will also present attention to the creation of synergies between active tourism and thermal tourism, differentiating element of this province. The meeting has been concentrated in order to involve all agents of the Galician tourism industry as well as tour operators and value chain agents involved in the whole process of promotion and marketing of this tourism. The final objective is that the working day will serve to directly collect the needs of creation and distribution of the active tourism product, in addition to creating synergies among the different agents and establishing a long-term communication that improves the implementation of active tourism in Galicia.

Three lecture and a work table

The program of the day was designed to foster networking and sharing of needs and possible solutions. For this reason, the conference is composed of three framework papers by Agustín Rico, of the Galician Association of Active Tourism and Nature (AGETAN), in charge of opening the day with a brief diagnosis of the situation of the sector in Galicia.

Then invited speakers will present two cases of success. On the one hand Javier García and Adrián Tejero will talk about the model of private public collaboration and shared management of Prepyr365, a model in the tourist positioning of a territory for the practice of active tourism. Then a representative of the Portuguese company TOBOGA will explain what are its keys to compete in the market differing by its quality.

Finally there will be a discussion table on the new active tourism of Galicia in which will participate the president of the Galician Federation of Rural Tourism, Cesáreo Pardal, José Luis Fernández, member of AGETAN and Joaquín Gómez-Varela, expert in sports activities in natural environment , from the University of A Coruña.

Thursday June 22nd, 2017

Ourense will host a day of competitiveness, promotion and commercialization of active tourism in Galicia

The Caldaria-Laias Spa in Cenlle will host the day, which will be held on June 29 With three conference and one panel discussion, the meeting has already […]
Thursday June 22nd, 2017

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