The director of the Casa de Galicia in Madrid, José Ramón Ónega, received the Gold Medal of the APEHL

The region of Ulloa and particularly restaurant Valle in Antas de Ulla, was the venue chosen for this year’s meeting of hospitality professionals in the province of Lugo in which the awards ceremony of the Provincial Association is employers of Hospitality and Tourism Lugo (APEHL). In this act, the entity recognizes hostaleros a long history in the industry and the people or groups who collaborate in the dissemination of the tourist attractions of the province from their respective fields of work.

Precisely for this outreach attractions of Lugo, to vindicate their origin and unconditional opposition to the tourist brand support “Y para comer, Lugo”, Jose Ramon Onega Lopez received the Gold Medal of the Apehl hands of its president , Cheché Real, who later stressed in his speech his work as head of the House of Galicia in Madrid, “institution from which projects the excellence of our region abroad” and always put at the disposal of the Association .

Also, the association also wanted to highlight the merit of commitment to the brand “Y para comer, Lugo”, three organizations have long been working on several initiatives Apehl: the Association of Poultry Farmers of the Gallina Mos (Avimós ) Burela Shipowners and the Regulatory Council of Origin Ribeira Sacra, who were appointed Ambassadors Innkeepers of the Province of Lugo. Real referred to them as “three entities, each in its respective field, they strive to improve the quality of raw materials”. Finally, the award for a lifetime in the kitchen fell to Jose Antonio Pardo Portomeñe hotelier, restaurant owner Pacior of Monterroso, he even founded with his wife in 1981.

The gala, conducted a year by journalist Anton Grande met in the Restaurante Valle more than a hundred professionals arrived from various parts of the province and was attended by representatives of society and Lugo and Galician politics, between including the mayors of Antas de Ulla, Monterroso and Pol, Javier Varela, Jesus Otero and Lino Rodriguez, respectively; Head of the Tourism Council of Lugo, Eduardo Vidal; the Government Sub, Ramón Carballo; the territorial delegate of the Xunta de Galicia in Lugo, Raquel Arias; Director of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro, and President of CD Lugo, Tino Saqués.

Tuesday March 15th, 2016

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The director of the Casa de Galicia in Madrid, José Ramón Ónega, received the Gold Medal of the APEHL The region of Ulloa and particularly restaurant […]
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