Fulfilling the initial expectations, and in the absence of final figures, hotel occupancy grew in Galicia this summer between 3% and 5% with respect to the previous year, reaching in the points of greatest tourist influx occupations of up to 95% in the months of July and August. The July average was in the range of 75 and 90% and in August in the 80 and 95%. During these months the national market consolidated its recovery and the international one continued to gain weight in the whole of the tourism that arrives to Galicia, improving the profitability of the sector after the recovery of the hotel prices.
This is reflected in the preliminary report of Tourism of Galicia based on data collected between the sector to evaluate the level of occupation in summer and give a qualitative view of the tourist behavior of Galicia in these months of the year.
According to data from the sector, in the province of A Coruña, the average occupancy in these months was 82% with an increasing weight of international tourism, since three out of ten tourists who spent the night were foreigners. In Santiago de Compostela, the occupancy figures were between 85 and 95% and the weight of foreign tourism increased considerably with a percentage importance that ranges from 30 to 40%. In the case of destinations such as Ferrol, the establishments consulted point to an occupation between 76 and 92% and with hotel prices up, which managed to improve the profitability of the sector.
In which it respects the province of Lugo, the average percentage is around 90%, a figure that rises to 95% in the Mariña region of Lugo. In the province of Pontevedra, in the region of Salnés, in which Sanxenxo serves as a reference, a rise of up to 3% was reached in this destination, reaching over 90% of occupancy. A destination in which there was also a recovery of the prices of the tariffs and a greater advance in the reserves. In Vigo, occupancy ranged from 80 to 95% and in the city of Pontevedra occupancy figures moved from 70 to 95%, with a good performance in August.
As for the province of Ourense, the number of beds occupied increased in some cases up to 6% with respect to the previous year, highlighting the behavior of the month of August. The number of occupancy stood at 85% and an increase in the arrival of foreign tourists, up to 30%. In Ribeira Sacra the occupation of the month of July was 83%, an increase of 14% compared to the same month of the previous year.

Improving the profitability of the sector
The sector also points to an improvement in its profitability, in line with what happened in recent months, in which the combination of the improvement in demand and occupancy levels in a context of tariff growth facilitated that the hotel sector registered about 42 million euros of total income per occupied room, surpassing in 10% the data of last year.
As far as the Way of Santiago is concerned, the number of Compostelas issued by the Office of the Pilgrim recorded an increase of 6% in July and August, reaching only over 100,000 pilgrims in these months, a figure that, in the accumulated year to September means an increase of about 9% more pilgrims than last year for the same dates.
There were also good figures in tourist experiences promoted by the Autonomous Administration such as tourist trains, with an occupation of about 85% on average, a figure that exceeds 19 points last year, or the minicrucks in the Rías de Arousa , Pontevedra and Vigo by ferry and sailboat, computing a global figure of more than 300 passengers.

Monday September 11th, 2017

International tourism continues to gain importance in the Galician summer, which improves profitability

Fulfilling the initial expectations, and in the absence of final figures, hotel occupancy grew in Galicia this summer between 3% and 5% with respect to the […]
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