Galicia activates the Emergency Health Plan to stop the coronavirus

This action closes everything except pharmacies, food stores, tobacconists and newsstands.

Restaurants, spas and shelters on the Way of Saint James have already stopped providing their services to the public since midnight last Friday in compliance with the RESOLUTION of 13 March 2020 which includes the agreement of the Council of the Xunta (Regional Government) declaring the situation of Health Emergency in the whole Galician territory and activating the territorial plan of Emergencies of Galicia (Platerga) at its GI level (emergency of Galician interest), as a result of the evolution of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

With regard to the suspension of activities, the resolution states that all public entertainment and recreational activities establishments included in the Annex to Decree 124/2019 of 5 September 2009 will be suspended for 14 calendar days from the date of publication of this agreement in the Diario Oficial de Galicia (Official Journal of Galicia). The resolution approves the Catalogue of Public Entertainment and Recreational Activities and Establishments Open to the Public in the Autonomous Community of Galicia and lays down certain general implementing provisions on the subject and, by name:

  • Cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Auditoriums
  • Circus
  • Sporting Goods Establishments
  • Fairgrounds
  • Casinos
  • Bingo rooms
  • Game rooms
  • Betting shops
  • Sports stadiums
  • Sports pavilions
  • Sports facilities
  • Skating rinks
  • Gyms
  • Competition pools
  • Recreational pools for collective use
  • Water parks
  • Recreation rooms
  • Multi-leisure parks
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Conference Rooms
  • Multipurpose rooms
  • Concert halls
  • Restaurants
  • Banquet rooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Bars
  • Establishments for zoological, botanical and geological activities
  • Party rooms
  • Discotheques
  • Pubs
  • Showbiz Cafes
  • Furanchos
  • Children’s leisure centres

Catering establishments such as cafeterias, bars and restaurants shall remain closed to the public and may only provide home delivery or collection services on the premises and consumption at home. The stay in these establishments must be the strictly necessary one. In any case, crowding shall be avoided and consumers and employees shall be controlled to maintain the established safety distance in order to avoid possible contagion.

The closure does not affect bars and restaurants located in hotel establishments or inside facilities intended for the provision of public services, provided that their activity is strictly limited to their customers who are housed there or to workers on the premises.

Likewise, the activity of spa establishments regulated by Law 5/1995, of 7 June, on the regulation of mineral, thermal and spring waters and of spa establishments in the Autonomous Community of Galicia, as well as that of thermal spaces and thermal pools for recreational use, regulated by Law 8/2019, of 23 December, on the regulation of the recreational use of Galician thermal waters, is suspended for the same period of time.

The activity of the pilgrims’ hostels of the public network of the Xunta de Galicia is suspended for the time foreseen in this agreement.