The standard also includes changes in the regulation of apartments and tourist accommodation

Cluster Turismo Galicia as an entity that groups 95% of the Galician tourism sector is pleased by the announcement of the Xunta de Galicia of the approval of the Decree for the management of tourist apartments, tourist houses and tourist use that has made public the Consello of the Xunta and in which the main novelty is the creation of the category of houses of tourist use, that will allow to shelter this type of accommodations within the tourist sector.

“From the sector as a whole we have always defended the need for all accommodation to be regulated,” explains Francisco González, president of the Cluster Turismo Galicia, who recalls that “these regulations have been drafted and agreed with the tourist sector And will allow the segment of holiday homes to benefit from the synergies of the sector as a whole and the tourist marketing channels that were previously excluded, “he explained.

In this sense, the president of the Cluster recalled that this regulation finally comes to offer a legal framework to an existing and growing tourism, but that until now had no legal framework. “The new regulations will now allow everyone who wants to participate in tourist channels to do so, helping to create a regulated and quality offer that benefits us all, because tourism is everyone and we must work together.”

The rules are thus adapted to the new realities of the tourist market, guaranteeing both the quality and safety of the users who choose this type of accommodation, and the equality of conditions with other types of establishments, such as tourist apartments or housing Tourism, which were already legislated.

With the implementation of the figure of “tourist accommodation” is given legal protection to those companies or individuals who wish to market their accommodation as a tourist (in Booking type portals) and comes to clarify definitively the different business models , Giving the option to rent this type of accommodation within the lease of private housing, such as until now or within tourist channels, hitherto unrelated to it, but always within a regulated offer that addressed some of the problems Which are associated with private housing rental practices for tourist uses such as unfair competition or lack of fiscal transparency.

It should also be remembered that the Decree establishes, in addition to the regularization of housing for tourist use, new developments in the management of tourist apartments and tourist homes, introducing modifications suggested by the sector and adapted to the realities of the sector, a circumstance That this decree be received with satisfaction from the tourism sector as a whole.

See the final text of DECREE 12/2017, of January 26


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The standard also includes changes in the regulation of apartments and tourist accommodation Cluster Turismo Galicia as an entity that groups 95% of the Galician tourism sector […]
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