Situated in a range between 55% and 70%, the average occupancy in Galicia in this December Bridge has been good for the whole of the Galician tourist sector, although figures from last year have not been surpassed, returning to the figures of previous years, as expected. In any case, the excellent occupancy figures of Vigo, which reached an average occupancy of 95%, especially at the weekend, have allowed to pull a little more of the occupation in the whole of the province of Pontevedra.

The success of the Christmas lighting has encouraged not only the overnight but also the shopping tourism, especially the Galician domestic tourism, which has sometimes improvised the overnight stay. The reinforcement of the Renfe lines and the activities established around lighting have also benefited the contour of Vigo, which has attracted flows of travellers. The forecast for next weekend is even higher in terms of occupancy.

In the rest of the province the fork would be between 50 and 70%, both in Sanxenxo and Pontevedra, which would be closer to 70%, the same percentage that marked the tourist homes in the province, some of which hung the complete poster for this bridge. In the case of this type of accommodation, the occupancy rates ranged from 75% in Vigo to 65% in Cambados, passing through 70% in Sanxenxo or 74% in Pontevedra city. It also highlights the good results of rural tourism, which year after year improves its results – 32%-35% in 2017 and between 40%45% this year.

In the rest of Galicia, the indicator is below and fairly similar behaviour is observed between localities, although each territory has its own particularities.

In A Coruña the occupation was close to 70%, with the Casas Novas equestrian event being the main argument for this figure. On the other hand, in Santiago de Compostela, although a congress was held coinciding with these dates, occupations oscillate between 50 and 55%. In A Costa da Morte, a slight year-on-year drop was observed, especially in the hotel and catering industry, with a range of 70-75%.

In the province of Lugo the indicator is around 70%, being very homogeneous the distribution between the different counties. In any case, it represents a year-on-year decrease of 10%. For its part, in Ourense the behavior and dynamics was similar to recent times, with an occupation that exceeds 50% in any case in the case of the province and around 80% in the city.

Finally, in the case of Lugo, occupation in the province stood at an average of 70.76%, which also represents a decrease of 10 points compared with the same period last year. The
Lugo’s central zone was the most visited area within the province, with an average of 71.64% occupation, followed by Terra Chá, 71.43% and A Mariña and Ribeira Sacra that remained around 70%.

In Galicia as a whole, the visitor’s profile was mainly Galician internal market or national origin.

Tuesday December 11th, 2018

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Situated in a range between 55% and 70%, the average occupancy in Galicia in this December Bridge has been good for the whole of the Galician […]
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