• The annual Assembly of the Galician Tourism Cluster, held in Santiago, took stock of the actions carried out in 2022 and gave an account of those planned for this year.


The creation of the “Xacobeo Xove”, the reinforcement of the promotion and internationalization activities of the Galician destination and the advances in the consolidation of tourist products were the main axes of action of the Galician Tourism Cluster in the last year, activities to which Advice to companies or the work of diffusion and implementation of the Q for quality are added. This was stated during the General Assembly of the Cluster held in Santiago de Compostela.


Representatives of entities, consortiums and provincial associations that represent more than 95 percent of the Galician tourism industry, participated in the meeting of the highest decision-making body of the Cluster, in which the year 2022 was reviewed and the lines of performance of 2023.


During the past year the Cluster made an effort in its usual work of promotion, dissemination and internationalization of the destination, with its presence and participation in fairs, workshops and events, both nationally and internationally, either organized by the Cluster itself or by the Autonomous or state administrations. At the level of international promotion, it is worth noting the participation of the entity in events held in 11 different countries, responding to one of the challenges of the sector, which is to promote the attraction of tourism outside our borders.


One of the main innovations last year was the launch of the “Galicia Sustainable Destination” Product Club, an initiative that materializes the Cluster’s commitment to sustainability, integrating the Community’s sustainable tourism offer into a single platform to put it into use. value and increase its possibilities of diffusion and commercialization. It already has 74 member companies and 150 products available on the portal galiciadestinosostible.com and that offer a wide variety of possibilities.


In addition, during the past year progress was made in the consolidation of other tourist products such as “Enoturismo de Galicia” with a campaign to attract wineries and the “Galicia Destino Familiar” brand.


Promotion measures, dissemination of the Q for Quality and advice for its implementation were other actions carried out by the Cluster during 2022, the year in which 28 new Q were achieved in Galician establishments.


The development of the conference “Good Practices in the Tourism Sector” thanks to an agreement with the Provincial Council of Pontevedra, was another of the outstanding activities of last year.


Regarding 2023, the main novelty is the launch of the “Xacobeo Xove” Program to promote the Camino among the youngest, offering a 200-euro discount to boys and girls between the ages of 18 and 30 who have the Xove Card and want to travel one of the routes of the Camino de Santiago.


During this year the Cluster will continue to focus its efforts on the promotion, dissemination and marketing of Destination Galicia, betting on internationalization, and will continue to offer advice for the implementation of the Q for quality and the S for sustainability to associated companies.

Wednesday July 19th, 2023

The creation of the Xacobeo Xove voucher, the reinforcement of promotional and internationalization activities and the consolidation of different tourist products focused the activity of the Cluster in the last year

The annual Assembly of the Galician Tourism Cluster, held in Santiago, took stock of the actions carried out in 2022 and gave an account of those […]
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