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Cluster Turismo Galicia participated with its own stand, in addition to taking part in presentations of product and brand Galicia

After three days of intense exhibition activity and celebration of different activities planned, Termatalia Mexico closed its doors with a feeling of success harvested and confirming the great moment in the Hydrotherapy worldwide. The third editions held in Latin America, and the 16th edition as a whole, concludes fully converted into a training space and training professionals from 30 countries took the opportunity to expand their knowledge with regard to health tourism.

The presence at the fair of the main hot destinations in Latin America and participation as speakers and providing courses of the world’s leading experts in the sector, consolidate Termatalia in as the international leading health tourism which almost all countries Latin America has come to promote themselves and, especially, training and training in the development of its thermal resources. The exhibitors of this edition expressed their satisfaction with the contacts and meetings held and claimed to have met their expectations.

Mexico, thermal potential
Termatalia Mexico reflects the momentum going through health tourism worldwide that has existed for several years growing at a rate of 9% annually. And the celebration of this edition of the fair in Mexico has served to show the potential of health tourism in the country and its ability to focus American tourism attraction. Health tourism and wellness in this country represents 50% of revenues in the sector throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, a fact that broadens business opportunities of companies that decide to participate in this event. This type of tourism is experiencing a period of considerable expansion since, between 2007 and 2013 doubled its number of spas, and at present more than 3,000 across the country and which must be added the more than 575 hot springs scattered all its vast geography.

Participation Cluster Turismo Galicia
This was also the first time that the Cluster Turismo Galicia has participated in this international fair with its own stand in order to help position the image quality of Galician tourism companies in the Mexican market. Besides having a stand during these days they have developed a series of promotional activities focused on this market as participation in the Workshop with operators Tourism Mexico (both specialized in health tourism as a generalist), the presentation of the tourism product Galicia operators and travel agencies of Mexico, as well as specializing in Tourism and prescribers or presentation of joint initiatives between the CTG and Spas Galicia press, all under the aid granted by IGAPE to participate in the Program Exports Intermediate Bodies Galicia 2016, funded by the European Regional Development Fund under the ERDF Operational Programme Galicia 2014-2020. OT3. To get a more competitive business.

European Regional Development Fund, a way to make Europe
The main objective of the 2016 Intermediate Export Organizations Program is to encourage and stimulate foreign trade and internationalization of Galician Galician SMEs. The result aims is to increase the base of exporting companies and consolidate the presence of Galician companies in international markets.

Concluded Termatalia Mexico, starts and worked for the celebration of Termatalia 2017 to be held in September in Ourense, the city where he was born and grew this project become world brand spas. The next edition in Latin America will be in 2018 in one of the two countries yesterday officially presented their candidatures to host the fair: Brazil and Colombia. For Brazil, the region Foz do Iguacu, where the famous waterfalls that promotes binom are located is presented, io + Hydrotherapy nature. On the Colombian side, there has been Risaralda Department, in the “coffee belt” and that combine coffee + hydrotherapy. The organization will study the two candidates and elect the 2018 host in the coming months.



Sunday October 2nd, 2016

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Cluster Turismo Galicia participated with its own stand, in addition to taking part in presentations of product and brand Galicia After three days of intense exhibition activity […]
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