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The president of the Xunta and the director of Tourism of Galicia were in charge of presenting the plan in an event that also held a colloquium with representatives of the sector

The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, today claimed the commitment of Galicia for “quiet tourism, for the slow tourism of the highest quality” to continue beating records of visitors and in which tourists enjoy without haste of heritage, history, culture and nature of the Community. And it did so in the official presentation of the Estratexia de Turismo de Galicia 2020, the roadmap for the sector in the horizon of the next four years in which several quantitative targets are set: reaching 6 million tourists; of which 2 million would be international tourists and get 60 euros of average expenditure per hotel room. A quantitative but also quantitative objectives, betting on the sustainability of a destination in which it also improves in its competitiveness and profitability, positioning itself as a key sector of the Galician economy for what will be necessary the collaboration of the public and private fields for its impetus , Coordination, management, promotion, management, innovation and internationalization.

According to Nuez Feijóo in his speech, Estratexia bets on “a quiet destination, thinking to endure in time, with the emphasis placed on sustainability, which does not give vertigo offer new tourist products and different experiences elsewhere,” Said, adding that for that, the Galician government will allocate more than 240 million euros in these four years, to consolidate the Galicia brand, “so that Galicia is not a fad but an essential destination for the agenda of any tourist the traveler “.

During the presentation of the Tourism Strategy of Galicia 2020, Feijoo also stressed the need to work together with the sector “because we not only want tourists to come but tourists come back” so, paraphrasing one of the phrases During the colloquium of the representatives of the sector, “we must give reasons to return”.

With the aim of retaining visitors and boosting the image of Galicia as a unique tourist destination, Feijóo advanced, among the 90 actions included in the plan, the creation of the Tourist Card which will mean important discounts and facilities for transport and advocated to promote to the maximum the Xacobean Way facing the holy year 2021, and to make known the heritage of humanity, the natural parks and to consolidate ourselves as a thermal reference.

A dynamic and participative strategy
Throughout his speech, the Xunta president referred to this strategy as a transversal, dynamic and participatory road map. A road map that contemplates Galicia as a whole; which will be reviewed periodically to adapt it to the current situation; Which will involve the whole social fabric; And was developed in collaboration with the Tourism Cluster and the three Galician universities, through 28 working tables, 80 individual interviews and 300 surveys.

Sector colloquium

In addition to the intervention of the President of the Xunta, the event also had the participation of the Director of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro, who thanked the work of the sector, and a colloquium with different representatives of the tourism sector that served to touch some Of the aspects that are addressed in the plan such as the landscape, gastronomy, the need for professionalisation or the seasonalisation of the sector. Conducted by Susana Pedreira, the conference was led by the president of the Tourism Cluster of Galicia, Francisco González, chef Pepe Solla, the director of Tee Travel, Mar Rodríguez, Marcos Blanco, director of the Pantin Classic and Beatriz Castro, director of the Hotel Cons of Garda.

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The president of the Xunta and the director of Tourism of Galicia were in charge of presenting the plan in an event that also held a […]
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