44 Galician tourist establishments receive the first distinctions of Galicia Calidade Lecer


44 Galician tourist establishments receive the first distinctions of Galicia Calidade Lecer

The president of the CTG took part in the award ceremony, chaired by the Minister of Economy and Industry and with the participation of the Galician Tourism Agency

González highlighted the leadership of Galicia in its commitment to quality as a differentiating element of the Galician tourism offer and the achievement of 44 certifications in the first two years of implementation of the seal

“Quality, understood as the fundamental axis on which to build a sustainable, competitive and differentiated tourism model that allows us to be more profitable”. This was highlighted by the president of the Cluster Turismo Galicia, Francisco González, the sector’s commitment to quality tourism and the search for excellence in the act of awarding the Galicia Calidade Lecer awards to the first 44 tourist establishments (43 hotels, restaurants and rural houses and the Sanxenxo marina) that was held this morning in the City of Culture of Santiago de Compostela.

An event presided over by the Regional Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry, Francisco Conde, who also highlighted the tourist offer of the community through his own brand that distinguishes “what makes us different”. Conde participated, together with the director of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro, in the delivery for the first time of this distinction to the Galician tourism sector under the protection of the agreement reached by Galicia Calidade with the Cluster Turismo Galicia to extend the Galicia Calidade brand to this sector.

González also pointed out that, when two years ago this agreement was signed to extend the use of the Galicia Calidade brand, 10 were the establishments that set themselves the goal. Today there were 44 distinguished people, a figure that the president of the CTG is convinced will continue to increase in the coming years. “From the beginning we were clear that it was a brand recognized inside and outside our borders with which we wanted to go hand in hand, as an instrument that helps us to situate Galicia as a destination of quality in the imaginary of the traveler,”he said.

In the event, the Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry highlighted that Galicia Calidade already accredits more than 300 products from more than 100 companies, and that now it is also an added value of Galician tourism, reinforcing state certificates such as the Q of quality, which already have 282 Galician establishments.

For her part, the director of Tourism of Galicia, Nava Castro, congratulated the companies recognized today because, as she said, with this badge “demonstrate that quality is not only an end goal, but a way of working. Castro valued the effort of a sector that bets on seals of excellence such as the Q for Quality and for this one of Galicia Calidade Lecer that contributes prestige, differentiation, reliability, rigour and also promotion to the Galician community as destination “differentiated and referent in excellence”.

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