The Ministry of Rural Affairs also agreed to collaborate with the entity ouresana in the next edition of Vinis Terrae

The president of the CRDO Monterrei, José Antonio Da Silva and the managing director of Expourense, Alejandro Rubín, have ratified another year of collaboration between both entities, which will be strengthened in specialized events in the wine sector as in the case of Xantar or Vinis Terrae. Precisely in the latter, which will be held in the Ourense fairgrounds next April, the Ministry of Rural Affairs will also be present, according to the general director of Gandaria, Agriculture and Agri-Food Industries, Belén do Campo with the person in charge of Expourense.
The agreement with the Monterrei will be a prominent presence in specialized events such as Xantar, International Salon of Gastronomic Tourism, where the Regulatory Council organized in the last edition a commented tasting and where also could know the wines of the different wineries attached to the Wine Tunnel. The ratification of this agreement also includes joint work in the various national and international promotional actions that both entities carry out throughout the year. In this way, the wine of Monterrei can be promoted in the international fairs to which Expourense comes and vice versa.

Expourense and CRDO Monterrei will also be able to collaborate in the organization of international commercial missions that have the objective of promoting Galician wines. This is one of the objectives of Vinis Terrae, the Galician Wine and Quality Liquors Show, scheduled for next 3-4 April, where Monterrei will have a stand and will promote the participation in it of the 25 attached wineries. Next to him will also be the Consellería de Medio Rural, which has compromised his collaboration in a strictly professional room, which gathers the representatives of the wineries of the five Galician appellations of origin (Rías Baixas, Ribeiro, Valdeorras, Monterrei and Ribeira Sacra) And buyers both national and international, to plan the sale of Galician wine in different markets. This year Vinis Terrae will focus especially on markets such as the North American and Central American markets, as well as those from the countries of central and northern Europe (mainly Anglo-Saxon and Nordic markets)

Thursday February 16th, 2017

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The Ministry of Rural Affairs also agreed to collaborate with the entity ouresana in the next edition of Vinis Terrae The president of the CRDO Monterrei, […]
Thursday February 2nd, 2017

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Wednesday January 25th, 2017

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Monday January 23rd, 2017

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