Expourense hosted this week the Iberian Congress of Sport Tourism, which this year becomes the prelude to the Salon do Deporte e Turismo Activo Sportur, which will be held from Friday to Sunday with the aim of continuing to contribute to the deseasonalization of tourism by bringing visitors close to Galicia through sport. Sportur Galicia is aimed at all audiences, who may know the services, products and options linked to active tourism and sport offered by exhibitors. In the celebration of the event promoted by Expourense, the General Secretariat for Sport, the Galician Tourism Agency, the Provincial Deputation of Ourense and the City Council of Ourense collaborate through the Municipal Council of Sports and Tourism.

The third Salon of Sport and Active Tourism will have a hundred participants and a program consisting of more than 60 activities, including exhibitions, training, championships and workshops. It will also be the point of delivery of the numbers for the 43rd edition of the Carrera Popular de San Martiño, which already reached the 11,000 registered.

“In Galicia we can not waste the potential to increase the flow of tourists from this relationship, tourism and sport, which is currently a growing phenomenon and is opening many opportunities for the sector,” said the deputy director of Expourense, Emma Gonzalez, during the presentation of the event.

From Expourense emphasize that sport in Spain generates an income of 13,800 million euros per year and that is among the three main motivations of foreign tourists visiting Spain, which is an opportunity for the differentiation of destinations and economic development. Another novelty of this edition is that the hydraulic athletics track will be placed in the fairground and will allow sports events.

Workshop on active tourism in Galicia
The professional component of the third edition of Sportur Galicia will be translated into the reinforcement of the professional component to position itself as a business destination through actions such as the Active Tourism Workshop of Galicia. In this workshop will participate 15 wholesalers of specialized trips in the sector of Spain, Portugal, Ireland and United Kingdom, who will be able to maintain meetings with the representatives of destinations of active tourism present in the show, as well as to participate in the presentations that the exhibitors make.

Thursday November 14th, 2019

The Iberian Congress on Sport Tourism, prelude to Sportur, brings together in Ourense 300 professionals linked to sports tourism

Expourense hosted this week the Iberian Congress of Sport Tourism, which this year becomes the prelude to the Salon do Deporte e Turismo Activo Sportur, which […]
Tuesday October 1st, 2019

Proturga launches a guide to raise awareness about the professionalization of the Galician tourism sector

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Thursday September 26th, 2019

Acluxega bets for the implantation of the brand Galicia Calidade among the companies linked to the Galician geothermal sector

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Tuesday September 24th, 2019

The CSHG faces a renewal plan amounting to more than 5 million euros to become a center of reference in tourism innovation

The degree of Gastronomic Innovation and Hotel Management will be implemented at the University of Santiago with the collaboration of the sector. The Xunta de Galicia […]