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A representation of the Cluster Tourism of Galicia held a meeting with the Secretary General of the PsdG, Gonzalo Caballero, who undertook to convey the observations of the sector to the Government

Caballero valued the Xunta’s Reactivation Plan as having scarce funds and highlighted the importance of restructuring budgets and redirecting items, as well as drawing attention to European funds that could be allocated to the reactivation of this sector

This morning, the Galician Tourism Cluster held a meeting with the general secretary of the PSdG, Gonzalo Caballero, who was accompanied by Xoaquín Fernández Leiceaga, president of the PSdeG and senator; Pablo Arangüena, deputy general secretary of the PddG and Adolfo Pérez Abellás, deputy and spokesman of the Commission of Industry, Trade and Tourism of the Congress of Deputies.

All of them were able to learn first-hand about the difficult circumstances that the Galician tourism sector is going through, thanks to a representation of the CTG, headed by its president, Cesáreo Pardal, who highlighted the specific weight of the sector in the Galician economy and its fundamental role in overcoming the previous crisis.

For this reason, Pardal drew attention to the need for the different public administrations, and especially the Spanish Government, to be sensitive to the sector, which needs more funds to guarantee its viability and future. Both Pardal and the other representatives of the sector – César Sánchez-Ballesteros, secretary of the CTG; Jesús Picallo, Sara Santos, Diego Otero and Juan Antonio Rivadulla, members of the Cluster – highlighted the complex situation of the sector and the uncertainty in the application of the new health and hygiene measures, as well as putting on the table the special situation that travel agencies are experiencing with regard to vouchers valid for one year, as well as the flexibility of the ERTES, also putting on the table the possibility of taking advantage of this exceptional circumstance to improve the operation of Galician airports.

Contribution of more funds
For his part, Gonzalo Caballero showed his interest in serving as a liaison with the Government to convey to it the concerns and issues raised by the sector. The secretary general of the Galician PSOE also stressed that he considers that the recovery plan for the tourism sector launched by the Xunta has a low budget and it is important to take into account the lack of funds.

It must also be taken into account that there will be a European budget and we will have to see how to restructure the budgets, and redirect items that have not been able to be carried out in the current situation. Finally, Mr Caballero stressed that he is aware of the importance of making the ERTES more flexible, as they are very costly measures for the Galician tourism sector.

Tuesday May 12th, 2020

Cluster Tourism of Galicia and PSdG PSOE hold a telematic meeting on the situation of the Galician tourism sector

A representation of the Cluster Tourism of Galicia held a meeting with the Secretary General of the PsdG, Gonzalo Caballero, who undertook to convey the observations […]
Tuesday May 12th, 2020

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Monday May 11th, 2020

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Friday May 8th, 2020

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