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Increase in capacity, permission for swimming and opening of swimming pools and common areas in hotels or service inside restaurants, among the changes that will bring the expected entry of Galicia in Phase 2 next week

If the expectations of the Regional Ministry of Health, which is going to request the pass of the whole autonomous community to phase 2, are fulfilled, next week we would advance to the second phase of de-escalation, a change of phase that would mean the increase in the number of people in the meetings, in the capacity of the catering establishments, the reopening of cinemas or swimming pools or the celebration of weddings, among other aspects.

Hotels at a third of their capacity
The hotels have already opened their doors in phase 1 and in phase 2 the use of the common areas will be allowed, in addition to the fact that the interior spaces must be ventilated two hours before use. Capacity will be limited to one third of the usual capacity of this type of facility. Each establishment must determine the capacity of the different common areas, as well as those places where events can be held and the safest conditions. The activities of animation or group classes must be designed and planned with a maximum capacity of twenty people.

Bars without bar service and at 40%.
In this phase, service is allowed inside catering establishments, with separation between tables and capacity restricted to 40%. Bar service is not allowed and the traditional menus must be eliminated, observing the social distance in table service and the rest of the service conditions that had been implemented in the first phase (elimination of common objects such as napkin rings, oil cruets, etc.)

Concerts with 400 spectators
Shows and cultural events (including the desired concerts, the vast majority of which have been suspended or postponed) with an audience of 50 indoors and 400 outdoors will be allowed.

Opening of shopping centres and meetings of up to 15 people
With the passage to phase 2, the meetings would increase from 10 to 15 people, with walks and sport without time restrictions, although the time slots would be maintained in the population centers of more than 10 thousand people. Large shopping centres will be able to open their doors in phase 2, limiting their capacity to 40% and ensuring that customers maintain the so-called social distance. It will not be possible to stay longer than necessary in common areas of these large stores and people over 65 years will have a preferential schedule to make the purchases they consider necessary, apart from the fact that family toilets and nursing rooms can only be occupied by one family at a time.

Cinemas with 33% capacity and assigned seats
Cinemas will be able to open, but with a strict capacity limitation of 33% and with pre-assigned seats, a situation similar to that experienced by museums, since protective barriers will have to be installed inside the arrival area for visitors, in addition to placing signs with health recommendations in all the most visible points. This week the libraries will also be reopened with reading activities in the hall and the lending and return of materials, which must be quarantined for 14 days after delivery.

Recovery of social events. Weddings and masses are back and up to 25 family members are being held at vigils
The places of worship could be extended in phase 2 by a third to a half and wakes will be permitted with a maximum of 25 people in addition to the person who is in charge of the religious ritual. This type of event will be allowed (most of them will be held in summer, taking advantage of the good weather) with a maximum of 50 guests in closed places and 100 in open spaces.

Opening of beaches and swimming pools
The transit and permanence on the beaches, always respecting the safety and hygiene measures, would be allowed in groups of maximum 15 people who would have to distribute themselves along the sands in such a way that the social distance of at least two meters would be respected. It will be allowed to reopen the pools for sports and recreational use but with a maximum capacity of 30% depending on the capacity of each area and establish a safety distance of at least two meters between users, preferably through signage on the ground. Changing rooms, showers or fountains will remain inactive.

Active and congress tourism
Congresses, meetings, business meetings and conferences are permitted in congress halls, conference rooms, multipurpose rooms and other similar establishments and facilities. The limit is 50 attendees and non-attendance is encouraged. In Phase 2 it will be possible to carry out activities.

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Increase in capacity, permission for swimming and opening of swimming pools and common areas in hotels or service inside restaurants, among the changes that will bring […]
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