The employers of Spanish tourist accommodation (hotels, tourist apartments, campsites & resorts and spas) consider that hotel establishments are responsible and will provide a decent service while waiting for guests to return to their countries of origin or their places of residence.

Employers will take exceptional measures to try to ensure security, both for the guests accommodated and for the staff members providing service

The Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (CEHAT) asks the state Executive, after the declaration of the state of alarm, to decree by the Government “in an orderly and staggered manner” the closure of tourist establishments while they empty themselves of customers, waiting for them to return to their countries of origin. After learning the contents of Royal Decree Law 463/2020, approved last night by the Council of Ministers, the Confederation thanks the Government that was not included in that document the immediate closure of tourist accommodation, with the sole purpose of not being forced to throw out thousands of tourists who still remain in hotels, some even with habitual residence in them. It is important to note that there are hotel establishments that provide basic services to people displaced for work reasons, so there are accommodations that provide essential services as an exception.

The president of CEHAT, Jorge Marichal, explains that, although the casuistry of the associations that integrate the Confederation is very varied and there are already many establishments that do not have clients, these companies can go from tomorrow to the competent labour authority to request the processing of their corresponding Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) due to force majeure, a circumstance that can be legally invoked in a case like this, and proceed to close the hotel facility. We urge that

“We have to give an example of civility and responsibility in an exceptional and unique circumstance of which we have no previous experience. What would happen if the hotels had been included in the group of establishments obliged to close since yesterday by decree, what would we have done with those clients, leaving them in the street and sending them to the airports increasing the risk without the guarantee of a safe return,” asks Marichal, who insists that the actions of Spanish hoteliers are governed by an exercise of responsibility.

While waiting to know the labour measures that could be applied in this situation of alarm, CEHAT requests the Spanish Government to include in the decree approved last night a new annex where this orderly and staggered closure of tourist accommodation establishments is dictated.

The employers of Spanish tourist accommodation are coordinated at all times and show their permanent collaboration with the Executive presided over by Pedro Sánchez to implement the necessary measures to address this exceptional situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world and which also affects our country.

Tuesday March 17th, 2020

CEHAT asks the State for an orderly and staggered closure by decree of tourist accommodations while they are empty of clients

The employers of Spanish tourist accommodation (hotels, tourist apartments, campsites & resorts and spas) consider that hotel establishments are responsible and will provide a decent service […]
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