The Galician Association of Travel Agencies (AGAVI) has just joined the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies (CEAV) as a new full member. This was approved at the last Board of Directors of CEAV hwhich unanimously accepted the application of AGAVI to join the Confederation.

CEAV adds to its integration project the most important group of agencies in Galicia, whose associated agencies are already consolidated and have a long history and experience, having a special relevance as a lever and engine of the commercial activity of tourism in this territory.

For its president, Juan A. Rivadulla, “this incorporation to CEAV will allow the agencies associated with AGAVI to expand their representation and visibility, channeling and unifying the voice of all of them and in a valid spokesman and interlocutor. In addition, it will position Galicia as a tourist destination with great weight in the association”.

In the opinion of the president of CEAV, Carlos Garrido, “One of my objectives at the beginning of my mandate was to expand the representation of CEAV and the entry of AGAVI as a new full member of the Confederation is an endorsement of the work that has been doing CEAV as employers of the sector. With AGAVI we are already 23 territorial and segment associations, which increases the unity of the sector and reinforces our receptive side, adding more than 5,000 travel agencies associated.

As explained by the Confederation, the adhesion of AGAVI to the CEAV project increases the unity of the Sector, and consolidates, even more, the great representation that CEAV has and has been increasing during the last years.

Monday September 28th, 2020

The Galician Association of Travel Agencies joins the CEAV

The Galician Association of Travel Agencies (AGAVI) has just joined the Spanish Confederation of Travel Agencies (CEAV) as a new full member. This was approved at […]
Wednesday September 2nd, 2020

Sanidade establishes restrictive measures affecting the hotel industry in Ourense, Santiago, Santa Comba, Carballo and A Laracha

La Consellería de Sanidade ha decidido establecer medidas y restricciones en los ayuntamientos de Ourense, Santiago, Santa Comba, Carballo y A Laracha, medidas que suponen la limitación de los aforos al 50% en los establecimientos comerciales, de restauración y hostelería -donde además estará prohibido el consumo en barra-, la limitación del número máximo de personas en las reuniones tanto privadas como en la vía pública fijado en un máximo de 10 personas; así como la reducción de los aforos en celebraciones, velatorios y lugares de culto, además del cierre de los centros de día y residencias, sin olvidar la reducción de aforos en bibliotecas, academias, autoescuelas y centros privados de enseñanza no reglada entre otros. Dichas medidas, que entrarán en vigor a las 0 horas del jueves serán revisadas dentro de una semana.
Thursday August 27th, 2020

Weekendesk users give a 7.9 rating to the adaptation of Galician accommodations to the antiCOVID sanitary measures19

Our territory is ranked sixth in the assessment, behind Asturias, Cantabria or Castilla La Mancha Travellers surveyed by the escape portal Weekendesk generally approve with note […]
Tuesday August 25th, 2020

Galicia cushions in July the tourist fall with an interannual fall of 51% in the overnight stays against 73% of the rest of the State

With almost 260,000 travelers and 600,000 overnight stays, the national traveler, which represents 90% of the total, allowed the fall in the whole of Galician territory […]