Galicia Calidade

The Galician Tourism Cluster will begin work in 2015, following the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Economy and Industry through its company Galicia Calidade, for the implementation of the Galicia Calidade seal in the tourism sector.

A seal of quality widely recognized inside and outside our borders that contributes to position Galicia as a reference of quality destination in the imaginary of the traveler. There are already numerous establishments, hotels and restaurants, which already enjoy this certificate although the audits carried out since the signing of the agreement will allow to continue increasing considerably the number of establishments that wear the distinctive with the aim of creating a wide network that become A reference of quality and defense of the product and Galician idiosyncrasy between the national and foreign visitors.

Tourist establishments that want to have the Galicia Calidade seal must have an activity license, be registered in the REAT and have been operating for at least two years.

In addition, they must have a quality management system: “Q” or ISO 9001 + Commitment of Tourism Quality SICTED and maintain a gastronomic offer with a significant proportion of Galician dishes with reference and inclusion of Galician raw materials of certified origin, D.O. And I.G.P, in addition to the presence of wines, liqueurs and spirits from the D.O’s and Galician IGP’s.

In the applications, which can already be processed through the Cluster of Tourism and Galicia Calidade, also take into account aspects such as the situation, landscape, natural space, antiquity or singularity in the building, or other characteristics that give it a value Added and standard tourism differential. Finally, it will be a Certification Committee that will grant the license of use.