Training to improve customer service with Project Hosts


Training to improve customer service with Project Hosts

In May celebrated in Lugo to 20 training sessions for owners, middle managers and staff in customer contact

Among the measures envisaged in the Spanish Tourism Plan Horizon 2020, aimed to differentiate and enhance the personality and positioning of Spain as a tourist destination of first order in May it puts a new training initiative for professionals in the tourism sector up . This is the Host Project PLAN OF CLASSROOM TRAINING CULTURE detail from the Ministry of Tourism of Spain and with the collaboration of the Tourism Axencia of Galicia, is being promoted to improve the value offered to tourists visiting our destiny.

The hosts Project was born as a tool to facilitate professionals of various tourism sub-sectors that relate to the visitor can improve the quality of dealing with it, thus approaching the culture of detail through a series of courses training for professionals seeking not only cover those gaps in customer service that currently exist but introduced in a continuous improvement process evolves actions training according to the needs of the moment, encouraging professionals in training to improve the management of customer service within their organizations.

The courses will last four hours each and a total of 20 courses will be taught different subjects, performing to a week of 2 to May 6 and week 23 to 27 May 2016. Each participant professional you can register for the number of sessions you want and can point several people from the same organization.

The student profile is that of a professional active in the tourism sector that is in contact with the client and middle managers and owners who have their personal position in contact with the customer. It is therefore of professionals serving visitors to the area and surroundings of any sector.

For any further information and registration via phone 666412521 (contact person: Edo Ricard) in hours 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 18:00 or send an email to the following address :