AGAFE highlights the specific weight of the fairs in Galicia


AGAFE highlights the specific weight of the fairs in Galicia

The association joined this year for the first time to celebrate the International Day of Trade

In 2015 Galicia held 250 events dedicated to different areas of activity, five of them dating international. 400,000 m2 of exhibition space were occupied by 6,500 exhibitors and more than 2 million visitors came to these events. These are some of the figures shows a sector that is in our community booming activity, as recorded by the Galician Association of Fairs / Events (AGAFE) which recently celebrated for the first time the Global Exhibitions Day. The event created by the Union of International Fairs (UFI), which has joined AGAFE, aims to disseminate and raise worldwide known both government agencies and organizations and private companies, the importance of the exhibition industry, its essential contribution to each national and local economy, and the economic impact it poses to the whole environment where the fair is held.

“The exhibition Galicia sector is booming activity, are the ideal meeting point for supply and demand for major sectors of the community,” she said President and Chief Expourense AGAFE, director Alejandro Rubin. Livestock, tourism, bookstore, food, automobile, marine activities, are some of the areas around these fairs were held among which include the 5 international events that organized the Galician enclosures: Xantar in Ourense, Semana Verde in Silleda, International Furniture Galicia in A Estrada, Conxemar and Termatalia in Ourense and Vigo.

During 2016, the managers of the venues and event organizers have to follow that upline. “The events taking place today are more professional and adapted to the needs of the public, and social networks and new technologies are a great promotional support that we know how to exploit” said vice president and manager of the Instituto Ferial de Vigo manager Arsene Fidel Prieto.
Internationalism is one of the most important points are to develop major players in the exhibition sector. Throughout this year’s appointments certificate internationality by the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Spain will be held: Xantar in Ourense, Conxemar in Vigo, Semana Verde in Silleda, Funergal in Ourense and Termatalia, the international project as this year will be held in Arteaga in the Mexican state of Coahuila.

The Galician Association of Fairs / Events is a private, nonprofit, for representation, coordination, advocacy and promotion of fair events, exhibitions and events for its members. It was established on May 11, 2012 and currently make up 53 associated distributed by the four Galician provinces of the five sectors that make up the cycle of events: infrastructure managers, organizers, direct service providers, suppliers of indirect services and professionals. Its main objectives are broadly: to contribute to the overall development of fair activities and events in the Autonomous Community of Galicia, promoting the development and improvement of trade through organizing exhibitions, fairs and events both sectoral and monographic