Xacobeo enCamiño will take the Holy Year programme to all Galicia from May

The programme includes over 1000 family and children’s activities in the fields of music, performing arts, traditional and grassroots culture, food and wine, exhibitions and workshops

As part of the process of participation, decentralization and sustainability of the Strategic Plan of Xacobeo 2021, the Xunta de Galicia will launch from May onwards Xacobeo in Camiño, an initiative that will promote the next Xacobeo in the four provinces. With a budget of more than 2 million euros, this is a pioneering initiative that will allow more than 1,000 activities designed for children and families to be carried out, including initiatives in the field of music, performing arts and food and wine, as well as exhibitions and workshops in which more than 400,000 people are expected to participate.

The Xacobeo en Camino programme will take place over two days in each town council. On the first day the day will be an afternoon show with an inter-government show created especially for the occasion. On the second day the programme will take up the whole day with street activities, workshops, traditional music, dance shows, circus and dance and a musical performance at night. “These are activities that go beyond the cultural programme, connected with the local culture and that offer the image of the best values of the Xacobeo”, explained the Regional Minister before specifying that it is a programme that is “entirely Galician” and that “takes advantage of the resources and singularities of each town”.

During this informative meeting to coordinate the programme, Román Rodríguez explained to the representatives of the town councils that the Xunta de Galicia will support these activities by setting up the installation, coordinating the communication and contracting the overall programme and technical staff. The councils, for their part, will have to give up the spaces, provide the original local programming and support production elements.