Next April Vigo will welcome the II Jornada TurisTIC, focused on intelligent tourism

Next April Vigo will welcome the II Jornada TurisTIC, focused on intelligent tourism

The Verbum Museum in Vigo will host the second TurisTIC Conference on Intelligent Tourism, organised by the Pontevedra Provincial Council, on 10 April. The meeting seeks to promote collaboration and the exchange of good practices between companies in the tourism sector, technology companies and public institutions in the northwest of Spain (Galicia, Asturias, Castilla y León, Cantabria and the Basque Country). To participate in this forum the deadline is already open (to complete capacity) is only necessary to fill out the form available on the website of SmartPeme.

The day will be developed through presentations and three round tables that will revolve around governance in intelligent tourist destinations, innovation applied to tourism marketing and technology as the present and future of the sector. The presentations will address public-private collaboration in intelligent tourist destinations and the importance of data for destination management. In addition, there will be a space for the exhibition of examples of intelligent tourism in the province of Pontevedra and a presentation of innovative solutions.

News: DESTinno and hackathon challenge

As a novelty from last year, the day will include the first DESTinno Challenge and a hackathon to develop innovative solutions with application creation tools whose winner will receive 3,000 euros in cash, among other awards.

The DESTinno Challenge seeks to take advantage of the talent of the province to create innovative solutions related to the axes of intelligent tourist destinations (governance, innovation, technology, accessibility and sustainability). The challenge is to create an innovative solution using application creation tools. To take part in the DESTinno Challenge you have to fill in a form available in the SmartPeme section of the Provincial Council’s website or by calling the offices of the SmartPeme network.

Collaboration with the Galician Tourism Cluster

In addition to this DESTinno Challenge, the forum will also have a Technology Solutions Demonstration Center. In collaboration with the Galician Tourism Cluster and the Galician ICT Cluster, 15 projects that hybridize tourism and technology will enhance the entrepreneurial talent of the province through projects that combine the world of technology and tourism. A maximum of 15 proposals will be able to participate in this initiative, which in this way will be able to present and interact in a room with more than 150 people specialized in the sector.