Some thirty professionals received advice for the digitization of the tourism sector in a day of Reacciona-TIC

Some thirty professionals received advice for the digitization of the tourism sector in a day of Reacciona-TIC

About 30 entrepreneurs and professionals from the tourism sector gathered in Sanxenxo to participate in the “Digitization of tourism and its challenges”, scheduled in the framework of the Re-acciona ICT program. In collaboration with IGAPE, Amtega, the Tourism Cluster of Galicia and the Tourist Entrepreneurs Consortium of Sanxenxo, the objective of the day was to bring two cases of use of ICT technologies applied for the implementation of a promotional campaign, in the Case of the Presume Galicia campaign, and for the modernization and change of business strategy of a family business, as was the case of Naviera Nabia.

Directed to management staff of SMEs and micro-businesses, the meeting was attended by the president of the Consortium of Sanxenxo Tourist Entrepreneurs, Francisco González, the IGAPE IP manager, José Manuel Fernández and the head of the Technological Innovation Department of Amtega, Eladio Otero . All of them emphasized the unstoppable process of digitalization that this sector is experiencing, immersed in a process of globalization that makes necessary the implementation of new tools and strategies. In this sense, both the head of Igape and Amtega, took advantage of the day to present the catalog of services currently offered by the program Re-acciona, whose next call will be in June, as Re-acciona TIC, Developed in collaboration with Amtega, and whose registration period is open until May 31.

Co-financed services

ICT diagnosis, improvement of business digitization, application of ICT solutions or implementation of digital marketing strategies are some of the services offered by this program, co-financed between the public administration and the companies that benefit from this advice.

One of the companies that implemented some of these services was the shipping company Nabia, whose manager, María Jesús Otero Acuña, took part in the day to explain that for them “it has been a very positive experience” that has helped them to capacity to their team Management, to give value to its services, to rethink its business strategy and to offer services all year round.

On the other hand, the CEO of Mr Turismo, Tono Múgico, was in charge of explaining the conception and development of the campaign they made for the Tourism Cluster of Galicia, Presume de Galicia, and in which numerous ICT solutions were implemented to achieve Diffusion and valorization of the Destination Galicia using exclusively means and tools on line (webapp, social networks, google display …)