Termatalia is postponed to 2021

The International Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Wellness will organize in the next months different formative actions addressed to the professionals of the sector

Termatalia, International Fair of Thermal Tourism, Health and Well-being postpones its next edition until 2021 as a consequence of the COVID-19. The decision was taken due to sanitary, social and economic responsibility as it could not be held this year with all the security guarantees for exhibitors and visitors that come to this fair that gathers professionals from around thirty countries. Termatalia 2020 was scheduled to take place in the Argentinean province of Entre Ríos on 16 and 17 September.

Given the current global situation, in the coming weeks the governing bodies that make up the Board of Trustees of Fundación Expourense, the entity that organizes Termatalia, will evaluate the most appropriate date and venue, after also analyzing how the world will look in the post-Coronavirus era.

During the next few months Termatalia will organize a series of on-line training activities aimed at the international thermal community with the aim of keeping active the thermal and health tourism network created by the fair during its more than 20 years of history and which has this event as its reference point for training or making new business contacts. Termatalia aims to serve as a platform to reinforce the recognition of thermalism and the importance of prevention to prepare the immune system as part of a long term healthy lifestyle. The various training actions will also address other aspects such as training, certification and legislation that may represent an opportunity for the development of new health destinations or for the enhancement of existing ones.

Termatalia already started the specific training with the celebration a couple of weeks ago of the webinar “Preventive and therapeutic uses of the respiratory thermal therapy, risks and benefits” given by Dr. Antonio Freire and that gathered more than 150 professionals from Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Ecuador, among others, that followed with interest and high level of active participation this first on line training action organized by the fair.