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Surfing, golf, triantlón, regattas… Galicia will be filled in 2018 with sporting events, some new, others fully consolidated that speak to us of an ideal territory for the practice of sport.

From the Galician Tourism’s commitment to surfing through the new product Galicia Surfing to Ourense or Pontevedra that compete to become the capital of sports activities, active and sports tourism gains space in the Galician tourist offer year after year. And this has been evident in Fitur, where the stand in Galicia hosted a large number of presentations linked to sporting events or sports tourism.

Thus, the Provincial Council of A Coruña presented the “Marcha Cicloturista Gran Fondo do Ézaro”, organised by the UCI World Series and which aspires to become a point of reference in cycling activities of great European depths and an inexcusable “pilgrimage” for the good lovers of adventure cycling and leisure time. Pontevedra presented the Multisport Triathlon World Championships Pontevedra Multisport 2019 and Ourense made a review of the sporting events that will host the city of Burgas during 2018.

Sport and sea
In a territory intimately linked to the sea, the activities linked to this element could not be absent either from the proposals presented at Fitur during these days. This is the case of the Regata La Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro 2018, the most important solitaire regatta in the world, which will take place at Muros-Noia on the 4th of September.

There was also room for a product like Galicia Surfing, the promotional brand of Galicia as a surf destination that was presented in Fitur as one of the new promotional products of the Galician Tourism Agency. In this sense, Nava Castro highlighted the potential of surf tourism in this region, due to the unique natural resources of this land, while a video promotion was presented in which a prominent surfer, Gony Zubizarreta, participated.

Also present was Pantín Classic Pro, which also brought to Madrid the information of its next sporting event, fully consolidated in the calendar of world surfing competitions. The sporting event that has been held every year for three decades on the beach of Pantín, in Valdoviño, has reached its 31st edition this year as the fourth longest surfing competition in the world. This is a competition, which is also considered to be a holiday of tourist interest, which includes tests of the world surfing circuit approved by the World Surf League and which this year has decided to increase one more day of action,”fun, good weather and the best surfing in the world”.

Galicia Golf Destination
Finally, the sport was also present at the last day of Fitur in the hand of the Association Galicia Destino Golf, which integrate companies linked to the organization of tournaments of this sport. Its president Marisa Barandiarán, the manager of the Real Aeroclub of Santiago, stated as objectives for this 2018 the launch of the “Golf Pass” in order to facilitate the contracting of green fees and offer a more competitive price to the visitor, as well as offered the collaboration of the courses to the Tourism Cluster and Tourism of Galicia to sign agreements with the clubs of Dublin, London, Milan… with direct flights to Galicia in order to increase. In addition, the event also served to present the tournaments related to the promotion of golf tourism in Galicia: Circuit Cenor Camino de Santiago, Pilgrimage Tournaments and August Bridge of Mondariz, Open Rías Baixas and the Ladys Lepas Professional Tournament in Augas Santas.

Friday January 19th, 2018

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Surfing, golf, triantlón, regattas… Galicia will be filled in 2018 with sporting events, some new, others fully consolidated that speak to us of an ideal territory […]
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