Concurso de Tapas

After Coruña and Lugo, it is the turn to enjoy these small creations in Ourense, Vigo or Santiago

Tapas contests are an attraction in autumn and an element not to be missed in the cultural programme of the main Galician cities. This is the case of Coruña, which recently held XVI Picadillo Tapas Competition, or of Lugo, which has just finished its own with the sale of more than 36 thousand tapas and whose winners in this fifteenth edition were El Boni Parrillada in the popular category and for the restaurant Paprica in the technical jury.

And now it’s Vigo’s turn, which this week starts its sixth edition of the Petisquiño Vigo with 52 places that celebrate the contest between 17 October and 10 November, with the aim of winning the Estrella Galicia Award for Best Tapa.

Ourense will celebrate its own coinciding with one of its big celebrations, the magosto and the San Martiño. Thus, the Concurso de Pinchos Sabores de Ourense will be held between 7 and 17 November focusing on seasonal products and proximity, with proposals many of them focused on the chestnut but also with options for celiacs and marriages with the wines of the province. But it is not the only one that is about to start as Santiago has just presented the novelties of its XII edition of Santiago(é)tapas, which will be held from 14 November to 1 December with a grand final that will take place from 6 to 8 December. One of the great novelties will be Santiago(é)Cóctel, a cocktail competition that will complement the tapas competition, promoted by Turismo de Santiago and organised by the Compostela Hotel Association, with the support of the Deputation of A Coruña and the sponsorship of Mahou.

It should also be noted that, in this edition, the compostelano competition premieres an image that seeks to delve into the concept of location, showing Santiago as the perfect place to enjoy good tapas. The new one is also related to the goal of the Way of St. James and the local routes that can travel all those neighbors, as well as visitors. The registration period for both competitions is already open and will last until October 20. Each local may submit a maximum of three tapas and / or two cocktails.

In order to encourage the use of local products, it is an essential requirement for the tapas to include at least one product from one of Galicia’s protected designations of origin or geographical indications. In the case of cocktails, it is essential that they include at least one Galician product in their preparation.

Finally, novelties are also included in the prizes in the categories of creative tapas, traditional and Mahou pairing, as well as public prizes for creative tapas and traditional tapas. Two cocktails, one creative and one classic will also be awarded, and there will be prizes for consumers.

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After Coruña and Lugo, it is the turn to enjoy these small creations in Ourense, Vigo or Santiago Tapas contests are an attraction in autumn and […]
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