Gastronomy in Lugo, in tapas and on wheels

This week ends the Tour of Spain in which Lugo’s cuisine has been present again through stand E para comer, Lugo

Until the end of September the annual tapas competition will be held with the participation of 47 restaurants and bars.

One more year the gastronomy of Lugo and especially that of the small creations in tapa format will have a great protagonism again in September both through the itinerant stand that has accompanied the caravan of the Vuelta Ciclista throughout its journey and with the launch of a new edition of the Tapas Contest of Lugo, which reaches its fifth edition promoted by the Provincial Association of Hotel and Tourism Entrepreneurs of Lugo (Apehl). In both cases the president of the entity, Cheché Real stressed the importance of publicizing the quality of products and gastronomy of the province and sending a message linking quality with the Lugo tourist offer.

In the case of La Vuelta, this is already the eighth time in which the APEHL participates linked the products of Lugo with an event that is a showcase for the province and Galicia. According to Real, “there are many people who praise the quality, freshness and variety of the products offered”, a veitena on this occasion. For its part, the Lugo Tapas Competition is an event that is working very well and in which there is room for all kinds of proposals, “from the most daring to the most traditional”. The contest is open until the end of the month, with a price of tapas that varies between 1 and 3 euros and can be tasted between 13:00 to 15:30 h and 20:00 to 22:30 h. Participating in toral 47 establishments that compete for both public prizes and a professional jury. The winner of the prize awarded by the professional jury will be the one who represents the city in the Galician and national tapas competition.