Rio Miño, the tourist brand to promote cross-border tourism

Identity is born for the cross-border territory linking 26 municipalities

With the aim of combining synergies and working from both sides of the river Miño, 16 local councils and 10 Portuguese in collaboration with the Provincial Council of Pontevedra have launched their own tourism brand to promote cross-border tourism, “Rio Miño”, with the slogan “A river, dous countries, great experiences”, and which will serve to “value all the riches and heritage of the territory of the Rio Miño”, said the Deputy for Cross-border Cooperation of the County Council, Uxío Benítez.

The brand responds to a vision “supra-municipal and cross-border tourism” in which each of the municipal councils and chambers that comprise the territory of the River Miño Cross-Border “are interesting in themselves and has much to offer, but when we add, we get a unique, original and different destination that puts us at the forefront of tourism today and makes us stand out from the rest,” explained Benitez. For its part, the president of the Provincial Council of Pontevedra, Carmela Silva, stressed that the birth of this mark is a historic milestone and stressed that the river Miño should not be a border if not a union, “we have an obligation to this generation and the coming to maintain this cultural heritage, linguistic, historical, economic and social that we receive and we must publicize.

The president of the Municipal Chamber of Vila Nova de Cerveira and vice director of the AECT Rio Minho, Joao Brito Nogueira, said that “the river Miño has what can be called a perfect symbiosis that deserves to be shared with everyone and this brand will provide more competitiveness, attractiveness and connectivity.