Successful participation of the Cluster in Turespaña’s Direct Conferences in South America

Successful participation of the Cluster in Turespaña’s Direct Conferences in South America

The entity took a catalogue of 20 incoming agencies to the workshops held in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, which it shared with more than a hundred agents and tour operators from a dozen Latin American countries.


Tee Travel, Interrías, Pilgrim, Galicia Tourism, the Mundo Estrella Galicia Museum and the City Council of Santiago completed the Galician representation.


Cesáreo Pardal thanked the work of Turespaña, the effort made by the Galician companies that participated in the trip and the confidence of those present through the Cluster’s catalogue.


Four days of intense activity in two of the most important cities in South America and dozens of meetings with operators from a large part of Latin America to present the Galician tourism offer. This is how the Direct Conferences in South America organised by Turespaña have developed and in which Galicia has had an outstanding participation.


The Galician Tourism Cluster delegation headed by the president Cesáreo Pardal has taken an active part in the activities held in Sao Paulo on 26 and 27 September, and in Buenos Aires (29 and 30), presenting a catalogue made up of a total of 20 Galician incoming travel agencies. Galicia was also represented by the companies Tee Travel, Viajes Interrías and Pilgrim, as well as by the MEGA Mundo Estrella Galicia Museum, Galicia Tourism and the City Council of Santiago de Compostela.


Cesáreo Pardal expressed his gratitude to Turespaña for the organisation of these profitable conferences, as well as to the Galician companies that have made the effort to participate directly in the trip and to those that have placed their trust in the Cluster by taking part in the catalogue that the organisation published both in the Brazilian city and in the Argentinean capital.


More than a hundred Latin American agents and tour operators selected by Turespaña’s tourism departments in Sao Paulo (responsible for the Brazilian market) Buenos Aires (Argentinean, Bolivian, Chilean, Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Paraguayan and Uruguayan market) and Miami (Colombian), have taken part in these conferences, the first organised by Turespaña in South America since the start of the covid pandemic, which has allowed the proposals of the Galician representatives to reach almost a dozen countries.