New edition of #ForturMark in Ferrol to learn good marketing practices applied to tourism

Between 20 and 22 June Ferrol hosts the second edition of the Forum of Tourism and Marketing ForturMark, aiming to deepen the use of marketing applied to tourism. The forum is the result Tourism Competitiveness Plan 2015 signed between the Deputación da Coruña and Council of Ferrol.

Aimed at professionals and entrepreneurs in the tourism sector and trade in Ferrol and counties, as well as business associations in the area, participation is free upon registration via email, indicating your personal data and the company and requested shift between 10.00 and 14.00 hours. The aim is to show the innovations and good practices of marketing and communication and develop major businesses and deliver them to local entrepreneurs so that participants acquire new technologies related skills and apply them to their businesses.

The forum, to be held at the Parador de Ferrol, includes among its participants expert markenting tourist Isaac Vidal, who will inaugurate the forum, introducing attendees to the concept of “Inboud marketing” with formulated to attract and get customer loyalty “online”. Gershon Beltran, meanwhile, will teach the course “Social, local and mobile business” while the ferrolano journalist Luis Fraga will be responsible for putting an end to “Fortumark 2016” with its relatorio on “Media training” session theoretical and practical to enter the world of the media.

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