Created the Observatory of Digital Transformation of Hospitality

The Spanish Federation of Hotel Industry (FEHR), with the collaboration of ISDI, a training center for the digital sector and support for business digitization and through Fehractiva, a series of meetings have been set up with the objective of knowing the development of the transformation Of the hosteleríala. Through four meetings, called the Digital Hotel Transformation Observatory, its objective is to serve as a meeting point for hoteliers, in order to create a work space in which innovation, especially applied to the area of ​​restoration, is the As well as driving the digitization in the constant pursuit of the improvement of competitiveness in the sector.

The president of FEHR, José María Rubio, reflected on the need for this forum for a “sector composed mostly of micro-enterprises that need this type of initiatives to mark the way forward and accompanied by a subsequent training. The hotel industry is a key sector for the national economy, which represents 7.9% of GDP, and must assume its leading position worldwide. That is why it must evolve and take advantage of all the options that this digital age offers. “

According to Antonio Khalaf, CEO of Fehractiva, these forums respond to the need of many entrepreneurs and for this reason it is “fundamental for the Spanish Federation of Hotel Industry to promote the development of the sector and therefore create a work space with hoteliers in the Which are discussed trends and innovation applied to the hotel industry.

The first meeting took place in Madrid at a meeting in which topics such as revenue management, customer approach, use of new technologies to improve the training of professionals, human resources management or Cloud tools were discussed. The management of the point of sale. In the next session, the following topics will be discussed: e-commerce Portal, Consumer Observatory (cloud technology and big data), as well as new forms of payment.