More than 200 food and wine activities and 12 countries represented in Xantar 2018

About to open its doors, between January 31st and February 4th, the International Gastronomic Tourism Fair offers visitors more than 200 activities to “live the Xantar experience” from a healthy and sustainable perspective. Expourense becomes the epicenter of wine and tourism, bringing together 273 exhibitors and with 12 countries represented (Spain, Portugal, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, France, Peru, Cuba, Argentina and the United States). For the fifth consecutive year, Xantar is once again the only international gastronomic tourism fair in Spain, which is consolidated as a great example of public-private cooperation, and which, one more edition, will start with the entire exhibition space occupied by 273 stands and with the aim of setting a new record for visitors.
The programme of activities of Xantar 2018 includes both expert conferences and live cooking exhibitions, as well as tastings and tastings included in the “XIII International Meeting on Sustainable and Healthy Gastronomy”. In total, an average of 4 activities per hour of hall celebration.
The showcookings, more than 50, will have the participation of prestigious chefs from 6 countries (Portugal, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico and the United States), as well as Galician chefs such as Javier Rodríguez “Taky”, Flavio Morganti, Alberto Lareo, José Mallón or Emma Pinal, among many others. In this programme, the ones organised by the Consellería do Medio Rural and the Consellería do Medio Rural and the Consellería de Mar, which aim to highlight the quality products of Galicia protected with Denominación de Origen, Indicación Geográfica Protegida or with guarantee stamps such as “PescadeRías, de onde se non?”, stand out. or canned fish and shellfish from ANFACO-CECOPESCA.
To accommodate this extensive programme of activities, Xantar will have three gastronomic classrooms, one for tasting and a wine tunnel. The latter has the support of the five wine regulatory councils of Galicia (in addition to the Consellería de Medio Rural) and will present more than 115 community references paying special attention to the winning wines in the official tastings of Galicia. Linked to this sector also highlights the courses on “wine defects” that will be given by the Galician Wine and Oenological Station, EVEGA.
The showcookings programme is rounded off with parallel activities such as the V Gastronomic and Tourist Bloggers’ Encounter with the participation of more than 20 bloggers from Galicia, Madrid and Portugal or the XIV International Confraternities’ Encounter, which will bring together 42 entities from 5 countries.
Portugal, guest country
Xantar 2018 will have Portugal as a major protagonist that will present the best of its gastronomy through four restaurants (Braga, Ponte de Lima, Vila Real and Azores) and numerous showcookings, tastings and tastings, as well as musical performances and folklore. The massive presence of exhibitors from the Porto e Norte region stands out. In this edition, the Galicia-Northern Portugal Euroregion is promoted internationally as a unique destination with quality food and wine.
With the objective of promoting a destination through its gastronomy and taking into account the good results obtained in the previous edition, Xantar organizes the “II Workshop of Gastronomic Tourism” in which 11 tour operators will participate specialized in this sector and from Galicia, Portugal, Madrid and Catalonia that operate in the national and international market. Representatives of the different gastronomic destinations present at the show will attend the presentation and hold B2B cos meetings.
All the new features of the show can be followed through its new website or its profiles on social networks; on twitter with @XANTAREXPO or Instagram through @xantaroficial.