Travellers and overnight stays in Galician hotels grew by 16 % in October compared to 2021

Travellers and overnight stays in Galician hotels grew by 16 % in October compared to 2021

Galician hotels accounted for a total of 867,400 overnight stays and 465,000 visitors last month.


These figures also represent a significant increase also compared to 2019, before the pandemic.


Galician hotels recorded a significant increase in activity during last October compared to the same period in 2021, according to data released by the National Institute of Statistics. The number of travellers staying in these establishments rose from 399,000 in October 2021 to 465,196 last month, which also translated into a notable increase in overnight stays: 867,000 in October this year, compared to 747,000 in the same month last year. In both cases the increase was 16%.


Moreover, these figures represent an increase compared to the last October prior to the pandemic, that of 2019, when Galician hotels added 414,000 travellers and 790,000 overnight stays.


This increase occurred in all four Galician provinces, although it was more pronounced, both in absolute and relative terms, in A Coruña and Pontevedra. In the first case, 47,000 travellers and 64,000 overnight stays were recorded more than a year ago, while in Pontevedra the increase was 13,000 travellers and 44,000 overnight stays, which also reflects an increase in the number of nights enjoyed in the area per visitor. This can also be seen in the province of Ourense, where although there were only just over a hundred more travellers than in October 2021, the number of overnight stays grew by almost 6,000. In Lugo, the increase in visitors and nights spent in its hotels was just over 4,000 in both cases.


The INE comparative data also show that the average daily rate of Galician hotels increased by 7.7% with respect to October 2021, which is 3 points less than the average for Spain as a whole. In the case of revenue per available room, the increase in Galicia was 21.29%, while the national average was 24%.