The Xunta recovers the Elixe Galicia program for the final stretch of the year

The Xunta recovers the Elixe Galicia program for the final stretch of the year

The program planned as a measure to boost domestic tourism before the pandemic readjusts its schedule and will take place this year between September 15 and November 30

It maintains its initially programmed routes and groups, with five modalities oriented to the enjoyment of young people, families and people over 50 years old with low season prices

The Xunta recovers for the final straight of the year the program “Elixe Galicia”, with which it will subsidize the stays of 4500 Galicians between September 15 and November 30 through the implementation of different modalities of trips within the community. Users who obtain a place will have to pay a fixed price, corresponding to low season prices, between 117 and 198 euros, depending on the programme in which they register, while the Xunta will subsidise this stay by up to 40%.

This is a program that was conceived before the arrival of the pandemic changed everything. At that time, the programme was scheduled to start between March and April, to promote local tourism trips and deseasonalisation, encouraging Galicians to get to know their own territory better. Now, the Xunta is resuming the program for the end of the year and next year 2021 when the program will be developed between March 10 and November 30 except for the period of high season ( June 21 to September 10, Easter, bridges and holidays).

The program, aimed at different groups – young people under 30 years, families with children under and over 50 years – may enjoy four types of travel: holidays in coastal areas, historical and cultural heritage routes, nature and mountain routes and stays in spas to be requested through the headquarters of the Xunta (codes of procedure TU404A, TU404B and TU404C)