The Xunta promotes nautical crossings to travel the Camino de Santiago by sea from five Galician ports

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The Xunta promotes nautical crossings to travel the Camino de Santiago by sea from five Galician ports

The Xunta de Galicia, from the program “O teu Xacobeo”, promotes this summer nautical crossings xacobeas that will be carried out on board of four sailboats that will operate from the ports of Vigo, Portonovo, Baiona, Ribeira and A Pobra do Caramiñal. They will complete the existing land routes from these ports that form part of the so-called “Xacobea Sur Nautical Crossing”. They are also designed to spread Galician culture, gastronomy and history.

Timetables and routes

The routes that leave from the ports of the Rías de Vigo and Pontevedra are intended to complement the stages of the Camino on foot throughout the months of August and September and are coordinated by the company Chárter Galicia.

The routes from Ribeira operate in August with various morning and afternoon schedules on Tuesdays and Fridays. The main objective is to do the same route that the body of the Apostle did, from the Atlantic Ocean to the cross of the park of Piedra Pateira, in Santa Uxía, considered the entrance door in the Xacobean Route of the sea of Arousa and Ulla. These routes are coordinated by the Council of Ribeira.

In September and October, the municipality of A Pobra do Caramiñal will coordinate a translatio with a sailboat route similar to the one offered these days in Ribeira. And also from August 24 will start xacobean routes of the sea of Arousa on foot that will connect the Island of Cortegada with the Camino de Santiago.

The program “O teu Xacobeo” has an investment of 4.7 million euros to launch 352 projects spread throughout Galicia for the promotion of Xacobeo 2021. Within these initiatives there is another linked to the pilgrimage by sea, as the Xunta will participate in the restoration of the Noamh Gobnait, a traditional boat that reached from Ireland the Galician coasts and its pilgrims managed to reach Compostela. The boat rests in the Museum of the Sea of Galicia.